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BurningAmber520 08-14-2009 04:48 PM

Rescued 4 Abandoned Kittens
My boyfriends mom found 4 abandoned kittens in a muddy hole yesterday behind her mothers house (where there are lots of feral cats) She brought them home, and now I have taken them in, they're cute and we've estimated them to be about a week old, so they're really really young! Anyone have experience with hand raising kittens? Any advice would be very appreciated

here are some good pictures of the kittens! They're doing good so far, eating really well, they're going to the vet on Monday at 10:40, to get a full check up.

Black Magic (mine)

Ziggy (Boyfriends)

Hope (Boyfriends Brothers)

Oreo (Boyfriends counsins)

Kittens hanging out

Rocky their guardian!

MIEventer 08-14-2009 06:02 PM

Yes, I have helped raise lots of kittens. Back home, my Parents own 40 acres and that was prime land for peope who wanted to dump their animals off. Leaving their responsibilites to my Father, Mother and I.

The most popular dumped off pet, were cats. My family and I spent years cleaning up our property by bringing in Ferral cats *that once were lovely house pets, turned wild* and their kittens and offspring.

I've brought in so many litters, it's rediculous. My Bedroom was the "Nursery".

Good for you for bringin in these helpless babies, I applaud you and you did a very good thing. What pisses me off, are people who have pets and don't bother getting them spayed or neutered - if you cannot afford to do that, you cannot afford to own a pet. Animals are a priveledge, not a right.

I assume their eyes are closed? Looks like it. You are going to have to buy milk formulated specifically for kittens who do not have mothers. Do NOT give them cow milk. Get to your vet if you can, and buy the powedered substance or the canned liquid substance, and you'll have to bottle feed them. Feed them every half an hour, to an hour.

You also have to make them go potty. Take a warm hand towel or a q-tip wet with warm water, and rub it over their genetalia until they urinate, do the same to make them poop. That is how their mothers would get their babies to do the same, by licking them until they did their job.

Keep them warm. If you have bean bags that you can microwave, or a heated blanket that plugs in - doesn't matter, they have to be kept warm or they will get sick.

That's all you'll beable to do for now, until their eyes open and they are moving around on their own. At that point in time, buy baby pablum - the powdered type. Mix it with warm water and mix it up. It'll become a mush, and then they can start eating that - sometimes it'll take time to incorporate that type of feed, from the bottle.

Once their eyes are opened and moving around on their own, that's the time to teach them the litter box, and get them toys.

Your vet will beable to help you out and good for you for getting them the medical attention.

**HUGS** you're doing a very good thing!

1dog3cats17rodents 08-14-2009 06:05 PM

MIE already gave great advice, so I will just a big AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

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