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KateM 01-03-2014 03:18 PM

Hi, I'm new here. My sister and I train horses (using mostly Clinton Anderson's method) and trim hooves. We call ourselves Twin Trimming and Training (you can find us on FaceBook) I also make horse hair bracelets, necklaces and other stuff from horse hair, but I'm not selling anything yet. Our family owns 5 horses, Windy CC (reg. quarter horse), Dusty (QH) Tally Ho (Reg. Chicos Smart Angel, QH) Kansas (Out of Dusty and a registered Appaloosa stallion), and Dottie (reg. aphc)
I'm a member of Equestrian Life, I'm on there mostly to enter contests and ask questions. But everybody on there isn't very experienced or knowledgeable. So that's why I joined this place, because people sound more knowledgeable. Ok. That sounds weird. :-P
So... Hi!

Eole 01-06-2014 03:31 PM

Welcome to the horse forum!:-)
Where are you from?
What do you do with your horses?
And one last request... we LOVE pictures!

KateM 01-08-2014 11:34 AM

I live in Montana. We don't show our horses or anything, we just do trail mostly. We love going over obstacles, and at the place we are currently at, we've got a pretty nice obstacle course! The next 2 pictures are of me and my personal horse, Tally Ho (reg. QH Chicos Smart Angel)

This here is an off-the-track racehorse that retired early due to a stifle injury. My twin sister and I are professionally training her to be a trail horse.

This is our yearling, Kansas, that was born on our place. (That's my sister in the pic)

This is Dusty, Kansas' mom (pictured when she was pregnant with Kansas)

This is Kansas and her mother when she was not quite a month old

This one is our first horse that we got when she was 6. Reg. QH Windy CC

This is Dottie, Reg. APHC Wakenaam Rain. She is our only horse that came to us already trained

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