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ChingazMyBoy 08-15-2009 07:49 PM

Mini Update!
Here is an update on how the two mini's went when I worked with them. I found out they were both gelded. Well they already had the lease in writting and you'll notice I call my friend the owner.

Ben: Ben was the "herd" leader. There were two of them so it wasn't exactly a herd. So anyway, I started with Ben because he was going to be the bigger challenge. When I arrived Ben and Merlin (the other one) were up the top of the paddock, so I grabbed my crop and off I went. Just acting normal. I wanted to see what the ponies did for their owner but Ben had kicked her a few weeks before and she wouldn't go near him. So off I went walked straight up to him and put his halter on. Did walk trot and canter on a lead rope and got him to lunge. He tried to muck me round at the start by bucking and trying to bolt. But I simply pulled him into line and made him stand. He got rewarded for good behaviour. So in the end we did trotting poles, walk trot and canter on the lunge and with a lead rope.

Merlin- It took me longer to work with Merlin because it took alot for him to trust you. So I just took it extremely slow with him. I managed to have him doing walk, trot and canter on the lead rope and walk and trot on the lunge. Merlin just needs the time spent with him and he will go very far.
I really had fun working with both horses, and I found they were not as much as a challenge as I had been told.


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