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gossipgirl101 08-16-2009 09:24 PM

gossipgirl101's Journal
August 16, 2009

Today was really hot (89 degrees with 90% humidity.) I went outside early to feed the horses and ice Jerry's legs. We left Andy and Qilatra outdoors last night because it was so warm and they love, love, love being outside. Qilatra was trying to kick down the fence when I got over to the tiny pasture next to the barn where she was. I brushed her, gave her hay and fresh water, and went to check on Andy. Andy, on the other hand, was grazing happily in the 4-acre field we usually turn the horses out in in the day time. I brushed her, too, and brought her in the barn for her bath.

After bathing Andy, I fed her some sugar (she loves it) and turned her out with Caruso, who had been stabled the whole night and was already fed and watered. Jerry, on the other hand, needed some TLC. I iced Jerry's legs, gave him his morning dose of pain meds, and groomed him really well. He always seems to feel better after a good brushing. Then, I turned him out with Caruso and Adromeda. Qil, on the other hand, hates other horses with all her might and had to stay by herself in the pasture next to the barn.

The rest of the day was pretty boring. I rode a little at about 5 PM when the sun wasn't so glaring. I did the daily therapy hour with Jerry and fed all the horses. My little sister rode Adromeda for a while, and my friend who lives 2 miles down the road (Jadyn) came and rode Caruso while I took Qil into the ring for some dressage practice.

That's about it. TV time, the shower. 'Night for now.

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