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emmaloveslady 08-17-2009 07:29 AM

sore throat??!!
:-( Yeaterday i noticed my pony Lady eating differently...
she was eating really slowly and not seeming to enjoy it
i just thaught she wasnt hungry, but i later noticed she is swallowing with effort :(
she chews alot then swallows it like its never been chewed! (although i have checked and it is chewed well)
its effort that make me feel like i have a sore throat just watching her!
my dad fed her this morning and tonight i found her bucket half full with hay (wich is definatly unusual for her, usualy seeing her waiting at the gate for more!). mmm it could just be something stuck, or she could have a cold but i have no idea!
it hasnt effected her riding but i think ill stop for a while anyway just to be safe :)
any suggestions??

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