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farmpony84 08-17-2009 01:53 PM

Does anyone have a chevy equinox? I'm very interested in one...maybe trading my suburban in on it...

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ClassicalRomantic 08-17-2009 01:59 PM

Nope dont have one we looked at a few and it was between the Equinox and the Ford Edge. We bought the Ford Edge instead...I haven't heard to many people talk about the Equinox but I know if you are looking ofr a midsized SUV the Edge's are really nice and good on gas

racer179 08-18-2009 12:07 AM

just go to your local dealer and they'll tell you everything u need to know, i think they're a really good SUV. jmo tho

farmpony84 08-18-2009 09:45 AM

My car dealer wants to sell me a car! I've looked at them, have not test drove it yet, I really like what I'm seeing. I sat in the drivers seat and the passengers and back, checked out every nook and cranny. Probalby going to test drive it this weekend, but my car dealer isn't a car owner. I was hoping to hear from someone that has one. They'd be the ones to have found the quirks...

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