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roxanne21bobs 08-19-2009 05:25 AM

still miss him
Written 2007

Hadj.... my little boy..............
1 yr ago, we bought hadj...
19th jan 2006.... about 1:30 me, mum and nan went to see hadj at louth to see whether i wanted him.. i can remeber being soooo excited! my first horse! i just couldnt wait to get him home!!! soo when we got to hadj, he was already tacked up waiting for me for try him... i got on board and can rememeber thinking straight away how safe and right it felt.. even tho the little bugga was bucking on the whloe ride. i can remember his rich red coat, i couldnt believe how red he was! stunning! and he was gonna be mine that day!!
so, i decided that i would defo have him, how could i turn down my dream horse anyways? dont be daft! so... i put his rug on and gave him is tea, mum and nan went back to he stables to get his bed ready.
Then we set off, hadj was in the trailer, sue and adrian(his old owner) was pulling the trailer, and i was sat in there car! i still couldnt believe he was mine!!!
when we got him home, the first thing he did when we entered the gates was winney! saying hello to all his new friends! we got him in his new bed. he couldnt settle.. he just kept running around and around.. sue and adrain left, it wasnt till amy came and i was stood ooutside his stable that i relised that ive just got a horse, but not only any horse... my dream horse. 15hh bay arab! so.. me being me, had to cry hehe
the day after, i spent all day grooming him...we had a bond straight away!
************************************************** ******
1yr on..... hadj would of been 12yrs old tomorrow.....
a msg for hadj....xxxxx
mummy misses you sweatheart xxxxx
HADJ... a girls best friend
hadj.. my little boy who had the cheekist character in the world!!
hes my star!! my world.. he was what i lived for!!
at first i thought,, why him? he was the best horse in the world.. never did anything wrong! he gave me lots of snogs hehe and he aimed to please his mummy.
But now i no that i cannot keep thinking that and just remember him as a loving horse that made his mummy the happiest in the world!
i just want you to no hadj that you made me soo happy, i will miss you very very much and there will never go a day without me thinking about you! your the best thing thats ever happened to me! the past 10months were the best, shame we couldnt spend anymore time together but im sure we will meet again some day. take care my little boy!!

roxanne21bobs 08-19-2009 05:28 AM

I have had many horses since this day but u will neveer beat your first horse xx

makin tracks 08-21-2009 07:27 AM

There is one 'special' horse you have the pleasure of partnering in life and he sounds like yours.
It was a real pity you only had such a short time with him, but it was 10 special months in which he did the job he was sent to do.
He'll be at he rainbow bridge waiting for you.

Hobbes 08-23-2009 09:53 PM

There is just something about the first horse, isn't there? I stil miss my first horse and it's been years. I couldn't even ride her (she had something wrong with her back or legs I don't remember what) and was never broke but she was foaled for me so I took care of her. I loved that little horse. CJ was her name...

roxanne21bobs 08-24-2009 11:24 AM

yeah there sure is, my boy was called Hadj, was lovely and even though we only had 10months together, they were the best! my little boy xx

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