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West 08-19-2009 07:44 PM

Winter sheath cleaning
About 6 years back I decided to take my horses out of a boarding stable. For reasons I don't have time to explain here. I have had my gelding for 11 years and he has been a hand full. We have had many adventures and miss adventures if you follow me you will learn about them.

This winter was the worst. I went to my barn where I keep Silk and Indy. Mind you it is just a little shed that I threw doors on and called it my barn. There is no power now lights but lots of room and I can make sure they are fed daily.

so after work one day I am crawling through the fence, because the gate was broken. Indy my sweet pinto is standing sideways facing me. I notice his sheath is huge. Ok I'm panicked. What will I do there is no water, no hose and it will be dark in 20 min. I have read books and articles about cleaning a sheath but never have done it until this past winter. So I looked a bunch of stuff up on line and find a really good article about sheath cleaning. I think someone posted it in a thread on here too. Now remember I have no water. What to do. Well I found this site that is really screwed up. It is a mess but there was an article about cleaning a sheath.

Here is how. Get some ky jelly or if you go to a feed store tractor supply. In the cow section you will find a similar thing. It is cheaper than ky and baby oil can irritate. I for some reason had ky jelly just laying around. HMMM?
Since it's winter poor Indy doesn't want my cold hand anywhere near his sheath and he will not drop. So in I go. I get the ky in my hand. I warmed it on the car heater all the way to the barn. I then did the nasty and reached in. I smeared it around best I could, mind you it was -5 below in PA. Then pulled as much smegma out as I could. I was very gentle as you should be. The next day I did it again. Well more smegma came out and the swelling was down. Best of all no rinsing required. The ky will go away and any thing I didn't get the ky will dissolve. He was like new in 3 days. It works great for winter time cleaning or if you just don't have water.
Hugs L.

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