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Thatgirlsacowboy 08-21-2009 01:52 AM

Ain't no cure for barn drama blues... -LONG rant-
This is mostly a rant... Because I am SO fed up right now that I can hardly see straight. SO fed up.

So, about a year ago this family comes to board at our ranch. By "OUR" ranch I mean, the ranch my best friend manages, and I cleaned corrals and rode and helped train her two mustangs. I'm at the ranch more than I'm at home, especially now that I have my own horse. We're like a family.

Well, this family, lets call them the "Jerkfaces", started out pretty promising. They had one horse, unbroke and wild and were very eager to learn. They both had horses when they were younger but after that they fell away from the horse world. No problem, we can help teach them. We helped them out, we gave our advice on training their horse when they ASKED for it. We let them have a VERY nice tack shed to put their stuff (or lack there of) in for FREE. All went well for the first couple of months. When they decided to get another horse for their daughter, we agreed to let them keep it here for a combined, reduced fee. When they got their THIRD horse, we said they could keep it here for free in exchange for their work around the ranch. I think thats when things began to backfire. The Jerkfaces worked around the ranch, helped rebuild fences, put up corrals, clean corrals, put up shelters, you know the stuff you DO around a ranch. It was great because we were getting stuff done and they were getting free board for their horse. Until our tack started turning up missing. They quit paying board and their horses dropped weight. We didn't want to accuse them of stealing our things because we didn't want to anger or upset them. We let it go with a gentle reminder that their horses were losing weight FAST and if they wanted to increase feed. Nope, they didn't. They complained constantly about their home troubles, and slowly they werent coming back out to the ranch anymore. Their unbroke horse wasn't getting the training she needed because they thought that "Hey, because my husband used to ride broncs in highschool he's a horse trainer!!!!!" Yeah, no. Their second horse turned up having navicular. Nothing was done about it. NOTHING. He sat in his stall, gettingt thinner and thinner and in pain. They stopped paying board.

So what do they do? I'll give you a guess... It involved two emaciated free horses...

YUP!!! They went out and got two emaciated horses. Yah know why? "Because their free! And I couldn't just leave them at the rescue that was FEEDING and CARING for them PROPERLY!!!!!!!" Losers. They couldn't afford to increase the feed in their other two horses, yet they take on two VERY skinny horses? So a month passes and all horses are skinny. We tell them they need to do something about it. Get rid of some horses, get their stuff together, NICELY. NICLEY. Did I emphasize the nicely part? So now the Jerkfaces have no money, their horses are thin, they quit coming out to the barn and guess what? Horse numero uno COLICS. And they won't call the vet out because they have no money. So poor horse sits in her corral colicing. We offer to pay vet bill. But the answer is no every time. Meanwhile rumors are flying around the barn about how horrible I am because I'm the barn managers friend. "She hit the horse because he bit her!" OH NO!!!! He bit me, he got smacked. He should know better. Three second rule, people. It ain't cruel. Anyway, so we called the Jerkfaces in for a ranch meeting where we discussed the horses weight, their attitude and lots of other things. NICELY. There was NO hostility. None whatsoever. But when we brought up their horses were losing weight, they got all defensive and starting yelling. Meanwhile we were looking at them like O_o. We were just trying to have a talk. (I was quiet throughout the whole thing... So, I wasn't really involved but i DID get called an overbearing, self centered, egotistical bitch who shouldn't be allowed to work with the horses on the ranch because I havent been properly trained. HAHA. Look whose talkin'.)

While I was in the large arena with one of the mustangs, Shrek, training with him and working with him, their son was galloping around on skinny horse three. His friend was throwing rocks around the arena and spooking my horse. I asked them nicely to stop once. I got no response. I asked them again, nothing. I aksed their parents to do something. They blew me off. I asked again, they told me I needed to "get over it." Finally, after ass hole's friend threw a rock that the rail and caused Shrek to FREAK out, I yelled at them to get their asses out of my arena. They complained to their parents and I was yelled at. They were told they had 30 days to get their horses off of ranch property. So they took their horses ( number one still colicing) and went to this NEW and AMAZING ranch. A few weeks later we were informed by a friend of ours who boards at their ranch that the Jerkfaces sold all of their horses (INCLUDING THE ONE WHO'S COLIC WAS NEVER TAKEN CARE OF) at auction where they were bought by the killers, TWO days after they left our ranch. Meanwhile, I'm looking for a new place to board because the owner sold everything over night because she wanted to "get out of horses" yet didn't tell anyone. So I went out to turn out horses one day, and HEY! Guess what!!! There was no effing arena to turn horses out in. Yeah. That sucks. So I find this really nice little seven acre place one of my best friends boards at. Nice place.

So, what I'm getting at is this. This whole story comes down to THIS bit of information:

I just got a call from the Jerkface's mother. The conversation goes as fallows...

Me: "Hello?"

Mrs. Jerkface: "Oh! HEY! This is Mrs. Jerkface*

Me: "Oh, Hey, Mrs. Jerkface, what's going on?"

Mrs. Jerkface: "Oh, well... Well, we have a week to get all of our horses off the property of this new ranch we're at... Well, I heard from BLAH BLAH (the friend who boards where they were at) that you're moving and I wanted to know if we could have the number to the new ranch you're going to..."

Me: ...

Mrs. Jerkface: ...

Me: "Well... I don't have her number -LIE- but they have a website..." So I give her the website.

Mrs.Jerkface: "Thanks so much! This new ranch just wasn't working out..."

Me: "Why?"

Mrs. Jerkface: "We dissagreed with the care of our horses..."


UHG!! And the REASON they dissagreed? Because they now have THREE I repeat, they have THREE skinny, unbroke, COMPLETELY untrained horses. How they got them, heaven knows. Oh, and because they refused to pay their board and they were caught STEALING the owners tack. Yup. So now they want to come to the ranch I'm moving to on Saturday.

Yeah, hell no. I called the owner and warned her that some people would be calling and NOT to let them board there.

Stupid idiots.

People like that should NOT own horses!!! Not at ALL!!! I am SO mad. SO angry.

Sorry to bare it all on y'all. I just can't help it.

Maybe I should fallow my own advice and "COWGIRL UP!"


Gillian 08-21-2009 01:22 PM

Wow. That's crazy.

Jessabel 08-21-2009 01:43 PM

People like that have a name. I call them dickweeds.

And dickweeds need to be put to sleep. I'm really sorry you have to deal with them. I'm dealing with three of them at my barn, too. Hopefully your new BO will listen and not let them board there.

Thatgirlsacowboy 08-21-2009 03:08 PM

Glad I'm not alone, Jessabel. How do you COPE? I mean... It took everything in me not to electrify them with a caddle prod... UHG

Brighteyes 08-21-2009 04:12 PM

That's completely NUTS! They don't pay the board, steal things, take more horses then they can handle, and then SELL THEM TO A KILLER BUYER?! What on God's green earth is wrong with these people?!:evil:

Thatgirlsacowboy 08-21-2009 06:29 PM

They "Have a passion for horses," Brighteyes.

Passion my @$$

.Delete. 08-21-2009 06:38 PM

Some people just shouldn't have horses

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