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pokadotjira 01-11-2014 08:49 PM

I really want to show my horse in his first Jumper class... But I have never done it myself (I have always done hunters). Could anyone tell me what to wear and when you start (like is there a bell or something..)?? Please? I need help!

Corazon Lock 01-12-2014 07:56 PM

I've done mostly hunters but my best friend does jumpers, and I rode in a few schooling show jumper classes myself.

For dress: At least at a B rated show, you can wear a polo instead of a jacket. Mane should be pulled but does not have to be braided. Most bits go - not like hunters where you don't use gags or elevators. Wear your typical show breech colors and black boots. Your saddle pad can be any color, but I would recommend black or white just because it looks classier. Your helmet should be black, too, but doesn't have to be velvet.

When you start out, you go into the arena. You can halt your horse, trot, whatever you need to do. A bell will ring or a whistle will blow. After that, I *think* you have 60 seconds to start the course. You need to know where the trigger is to start the clock as well as end it.

Things to practice would be going at a faster pace but still keeping a rhythm and doing tighter turns. Practice your rollbacks. Also, I would practice jumping at different angles - jumpers is very much about using angles to cut seconds. Also, be prepared to look at fence numbers. All fences are numbered 1-13 (or however many jumps you have), but the order can be completely random, like 3, 5, 10, 12, etc. Also, fences like 4a and 4b are jumped as a set usually, meaning if your horse refuses either one, you must jump both of them again. After you finish the round, you may have a jump off (depends on the table - some classes are just pinned on who's fastest in the first round). You may or may not go to the jump off right after you've jumped your round. If you have a jump off right afterwards, stay in the ring. You can again halt, trot around, whatever is comfortable. They'll give you maybe 30 seconds of down time at most, and then the whistle or bell will sound again.

HeelsSouth 01-14-2014 11:28 PM

I have only done a few schooling jumper shows this past year (hoping to try rated this year), but from what I know Corazon is correct except for one thing. You have 45 seconds after the bell rings to start. Y ou can use this time to trot or canter a circle or two or even walk him up to a spooky jump, as long as you don't cross the start line.
Have fun!
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ThoroughbredJumper 01-15-2014 10:53 AM

I started as a hunter, hated the repetitiveness of it. I needed something new and exciting, and jumpers definitely brings it. Lol! There are several "main" courses in jumpers, however i cannot remember the specific classifications, heres what they encompass: Timed first round (you go in, do a jump off ONLY and leave, whoever is fastest and cleanest wins), Optimum time (kind of like an EQ class, you have to get closest to the set time eg. 73seconds, you would have to ride a full course and try and hit 73seconds exactly, closest person wins), First round-jump off (You go in and do a timed fist round, if you have any rails you are out of the jump off, if you go clear you stay in the ring and do the jump off, person who is fastest and goes clear in the jump off wins), Power and speed (my favorite, you go in and do a timed first round NOT fast, if you go clear, you continue the course without stopping and enter immediately into the jump off phase eg. power THEN speed, fastest person with no faults wins), and finally there are First round then jump off (you enter the ring and do the first round, then leave the ring and wait for other competitors to go, then re-enter, IF you went clear the first round, and do your jump off, fastest person who goes clear wins). Its all fairly straight forward. Smooth and tight turns is always faster than running around and acting like a rocket on steroids. Lol! Most important is to go clear! Since you own a hunter, and hunters dont generally hit rails, id say you have better chances than some. Roll backs are vital, if you can turn smooth and fast, you can beat the rocket crotch riders out there. There is a 45 second count down then a buzzer sounds, if a buzzer sounds twice while on course then you are disqualified, if you circle while on course you will get 4 faults, you know that stuff, faults are straight forward- one rail is 4 faults, 4 faults for stopping out at a jump, 2 stops and you are out, time faults are 1 point per second over time, and 4 faults for circling, if you have a problem jump that is bothering you after youve been disqualified you may ASK the judge for a courtesy jump- you MUST ASK. Dont get caught up in being a rocket crotch, theres enough loons out there blazing around. Lol! You can wear basically whatever you want. They arent strict on uniforms. I wear a blinged out belt, polo, my tan show breeches, and clean tall boots. You can wear anything from casual colored polos and fancy belts, to formal hunter wear, to a white button up with a collar. Nobody cares. Pads can be any color, any size, any make. Again, nobody cares. You can wear whatever you want as long as its not jewelry. Bracelets are aloud if they are secure and have no dangles, no earrings, no necklaces, no neck pins in shirts. Any other questions, just ask! Welcome, and enjoy the sport!!

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