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rockymountain 01-16-2007 03:20 PM

bald face
What do you guys think of bald faces? Some can be cute but most come across to me as ugly. We were learning about markings and a picture of a paint and it wasn't so pretty... No offence to those who love it. It just looked strange.
What type of face marking to you prefer?

barnrat 01-16-2007 03:23 PM

hmm.....I like the bald faces :D I use to dislike them.

I like a star with a snipe combined!

Raini 01-16-2007 06:30 PM

I LOVE bald faces when the horse's eyes are brown. when they are blue they are kinda freaky. My favorite face marking is a stripe or blaze! :)

rockymountain 01-16-2007 06:35 PM

That is the same way with me. The blue eyes are gorgeous on all other horses but on bald white faces it is kind of creepy.

Gammelquarterhorses 01-16-2007 07:47 PM

I agree with all of you!

kristy 01-17-2007 12:06 AM

Aw, I love a bald with blue eyes. But I am a bit creepy.

I love no facial markings the best, especially on a bay.

Skippy! 01-17-2007 01:34 AM

I love shielded faces (take a peek at Sweetie in my Signature Banner) she is white bodied, with a black "bald" face ;)

I actually do like the look of bald faces though! Something very Old-West about em!

Friesian Mirror 01-17-2007 10:43 PM

I dont like bald, but it really depends on the horse though....I like blazes,stripes and stars! I like bay's with face markings, I think it's pretty :)

Our boyjack 01-20-2007 10:51 PM

Hi barnrat

Here is mine, is this what you like. I do too

meaganwas 01-21-2007 07:29 PM

We used to have a horse with a face marking that looked like a was so pretty and bizarre. I wish I had a picture. -_-;

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