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chika1235 08-22-2009 09:20 PM

tn walker mixed with saddlebred???
is it common for tn walkers to be crosses with saddlebred?i went to a show and she was one of the fastest rackers there and some guys stopped me when i was warming her up for the next event and asked me what breed was she,i told em that she was a tn walker,and they said that she must be crossed with a saddlebred.she is a very tall tn walker (16 hands and growin)and she tucks in her head,steps high,lifts her tail,and racks super fast.she may be the next prides generator or somethin.all in her bloodline shes got padded horses,she got third outta 14 horses for her first show and then 3rd outta 9 horses for her next event.the reason why she got third in the last one was because she was actin up when she was lining up.ill try to geta video at my next show.are any of yalls horses mixed with saddlebred?also i ride her in a tom thum and i plan to move her up to a walker bit soon,what bit should i use to ge her used to it?i have a 6 inch walker bit with a broken mouthpiece that i might try on her.she is a very gentle horse,no spook,i dont ever have to tell her stop that unless i accidentally lay my soda next to her or at a show in which i rack her really fast in the show ring then i cant get her settled down after that,ill have to ride her for a little while after the event.any help would be appreciated.

Sunny06 08-22-2009 09:25 PM

Yes it is possible, but...

It was probably a bunch of ignorant yahoos who told you that... It's possible of course, but... TWHs carry themselves like Saddlebreds at times so they may be identifing with that.

Have you ever tried gaiting her without a shank? If she likes a snaffle-mouth she may be fine without a shank, although it is tradition that you use a shank on the show horses.

Zab 08-23-2009 03:24 PM

*knows nothing o the matter* May I ask how old she is if she's still growing?

chika1235 08-26-2009 07:52 PM

she just turned 3

Sunny06 08-27-2009 05:05 PM

Age wouldn't matter what breed she is. She's probably an extra-flashy TWH.

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