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Beau Baby 08-23-2009 01:46 AM

Arabian Bloodlines.Help!
Alrighty. So I am looking to get a horse. There is a stable that is having a dispersal sale. 90 Arabians must go by September 30. Some of them are very nice. My mom won't allow me to purchase one of even look at them unless they'd be worth something in the show ring. I don't know anything about bloodlines.

Is Aulrab and Farlane and Aurab good. Those are a few of the stallions featured in much of the bloodlines. I need help. Every horse is $1500 and at that price I am so hoping for one. Please help.

Shalani 08-23-2009 04:42 AM

If they are registered and of good type they will be worth something in the show ring. Good bloodlines are great to have but does not make a champion.

On the other hand I highly doubt they would be selling any high quality stock for 1500..... but its worth looking. make sure you know what your looking for .
Show type = Confirmation( most important) , Dishy face , big eyes , natural high tail carrige. good feet. ect

I would advise on getting a mare or filly if you do compete and win it would be worth breeding her. A colt may be too much for you if you are new to horses.

Good luck & keep us updated .

Tanigirl69 08-23-2009 06:56 AM

Arabians are very good solid horses. Like Shalani said look at the complete body - Look on the internet - that is a great place to start.
Arabian Horse Association will give you good information. You would have to sign in to search their Data Source.. But it will help you search for the blood lines

CheyAut 08-23-2009 09:23 AM

There is a discussion on another forum about those arabs, and people who are in the arab breed really like them (as do I!) :) I'd be buying one if I could!

Beau Baby 08-23-2009 12:18 PM

Awesome then I will definitly tell my mom they'd be good.

Shalani I can't get a mare or a filly because we have 2 geldings and might be getting another one. My mom just doesn't want to mix a mare in with the gwldings. I don't see the problem but she gets worried a lot. Also the stock is $1500 because they have to get rid of all 90 horses by September 30/09.

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