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jazzyrider 08-24-2009 03:31 AM

genetic colour type question
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my chestnut tb mare may be in foal to my bay qh stally. although he is bay he isnt what i would call a TRUE bay. his black stockings are short with the top part of the stocking being a buckskin colour. they kinda fade from black to cream to brown. even his muzzle and flanks are of buckskin colouring. he comes from a long line of buckskins. not sure where the bay has come from.

ive been told that he could still throw buckskins.

this is kinda a two part question:
a) is it possibe that he can throw buckskin?
& b) if he can throw buckskin will the chestnut gene rule out the possibility of the foal being bucksin?

im really bad at colour genetic type stuff so hopefully someone can set me straight :)

a couple of pics if they help. i put the second pic in just cause i think its cute :)

smrobs 08-24-2009 07:37 AM

I can't help you with the possible foal color but I believe that the stud would be considered a "wild bay".

Equine Color Genetics

MacabreMikolaj 08-24-2009 10:22 AM

I agree with smrobs. I'd say definately a wild bay. The black is more restricted but it's still a bay, the cream gene to make buckskin would give you some definite indication of color change and he's clearly still the "bay color".

That case being, your only foal colors would be chestnut, bay or black.

If he WAS a buckskin, then yes, he could definately sire a buckskin foal but the chances would probably be somewhat minimal. I believe 25%? He'd also be able to sire a palomino foal if he gave a copy of his cream gene and she gave the foal her chestnut. Smoky black could also be a possibility.

It also depends on the "zygosity" of his color. If he was homozygous for black, then he'd only ever sire bay and black foals (or some variation of each, if the mare had cream, etc.) regardless if the mare was chestnut.

But anyway, I definately don't see any cream gene acting on him. If you look up pics of wild bays, they have the same color going on with the legs, almost a pale buckskin color due to the "fading" of the black.

EDIT - I also noticed you questioning why he was bay in a line of buckskins? Buckskin is just a bay horse with one dose of cream. So it's entirely possible for two buckskin horses to produce a bay. The chances are usuaully less, as you have two cream horses working on the genetics, but still possible if neither gave a copy of the cream gene. The resulting bay horse wouldn't be able to sire or throw cream either, since it's a dominant gene and expresses itself physically (chestnut is an example of a reccesive gene, as two parents who show no trace of chestnut can still produce chestnut foals).

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