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eventerdrew 08-25-2009 04:33 PM

My first mini trial with Demi... RESULTS! (sorta long)
Hey Guys,

A few of you might remember that I was going to go to my first one day horse trial with my new horse Demi aka Nancy Drew this past weekend. It wasn't actually my first or her first but it was our first together.

We rode in the Beginner Novice Jr. A division which had 7 riders in it. The day before, we went to the open cross country schooling on that course. Demi jumped everything with ease and didn't hesitate one bit. I was feeling very confident with the upcoming competition.

We got there then next day and warmed up for dressage at about 11:00. We rode our dressage test and while she picked up the wrong lead once, cross cantered behind once, and flipped her head up once, I knew she was going to do all these things going into it. After all, we have only been together for 2 months and she had been off (not lame) for 5 months before that. My trainer and I were both very proud of her performance and we ended up getting a better score than I thought- 38.5! The judge commented that although she had some problems at the canter, she is a very nice mover and our geometry was really good. After dressage we were sitting pretty in 4th place.

We then tacked up again for stadium and cross country. Stadium warmup was a little rocky and I went in not having jumped an oxer with her before which was a little un-nerving. But the course was super windy and she's really good at making tight turns so it was actually quite a good round. She didn't hesistate over anything and listened to my cues beautifully. We ended up having one of the fastest times in the division and we had no rails! Double clear!

We had about 10 minutes until cross country to let her cool down. So when the starter called my number, I was ready. He said "3,2,1 have a nice ride!" and we were off. The whole course was AMAZING! Demi had plenty of gallop and although some fences were a little bit of a rocky ride because I'm stupid and like to pull her mouth right before the jump (I'm working on it and luckily she's very forgiving) she was awesome and jumped everything like a champ. I didn't wear a watch so I could just focus on giving her the best ride possible and not riding the time, so I was a bit worried that we would come in too fast (I'm not used to her short stride yet). We finished the course with ease... and... NO TIME PENALTIES! Double Clear again!

So, we finished on our dressage score of 38.5, and to top it off, we came in 3rd! I'm so proud of Demi!! I think we are going to be great together in the future.

I will try to put up pics when I get on my other computer.

Here is the website that the one day horse trial results are on . the info should be on the left side of the screen. if you want to see the course, click on horse trials, then XC courses.

Thanks for reading!!!!!

MIEventer 08-25-2009 05:23 PM

Congratulations! Sounds like you had a great time, be super prooud of the both of you!

ridingismylife2 08-27-2009 03:55 AM

Sounds like you had a fun day! :)

saint3meg3rlfc 09-01-2009 05:11 PM

Wow! That's fantastic. I can't wait to see the pictures

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