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nldiaz66 08-26-2009 08:54 AM

Equine Chiropractor
I found a Equine Chiropractor in my area, How do I know if my horse needs to be adjusted? I have a 12 yr.old paint that is really stiff, he is being broke now and is losening up a little, but I was wondering how do I know if he really needs to be adjusted.I will call the Chiropractor's references, so if anyone can let me know....thanks

xxBarry Godden 08-26-2009 09:07 AM

In the UK we find that McTimoney practitioner is especially adept at sorting out horse's back problems. Our local McT , a young lady named Emma, comes and does a good job on any horses which are in trouble.
McTimoney here is regarded as being a bonafide branch of chiropractitioning.
So, you pay your money, watch the therapist work and then see a couple of days later if the horse is OK or Not.
But I find that if I go to my local vet and say "Has my horse got a back problem?" - he goes to his car and brings back sachets of Bute.

But my horse has to put up with my 220 lbs of body weight
bouncing up and down on a tiny English cut saddle. So maybe it is my conscience money which I pay to Emma.

In summary - it is all down to the skill of the therapist and whether you trust her or not. But for sure in my case Emma MctP. knows more about the subject than I do.

Barry G

paint gurl 23 08-26-2009 11:37 AM

Someone once told me that every horse everywhere in the world could be adjusted. I would say that if he is stiff then he could probably use it. I would ask around and see if anyone has used this chiro and see if this person comes recommended. Before you go ahead and get this person out to work on your horse make sure he has no tack fitting issues, feet problems. You will want to remove the cause of his lameness if any before this person works on your horse or he will continue to go lame. I am a strong believer in equine chiro, I believe it can fix any horse. I have tried and its worked on all my horse including our stiff as a board 20 yr old who come out 100% sound after 3 treatments. Good luck!

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