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jumpwhat007 08-26-2009 10:16 AM

How much do you pay for board?
Hey there. I was wondering how much you all pay for board and what you get. Heres a form to fill out saying what the barn offers and where in the US/CA/EU it's located. I'm filling it out with my barns info.

Price per month: $700 US
Location: Ohio
Stalls: 50, 12x12 each. Automatic waterers. Fly sprayers
Tack room: 2 tack rooms, saddle and bridle racks and a locker for each boarder.
Arenas: Indoor is 80x200 sand. Outdoor is 100x200 all weather sand. Indoor is lighted, both in and out have full course of jumps.
Pastures: several large pastures and small paddocks. Group and single turnout.
Care: Grain and hay 2-5x a day, unlimited hay, stalls cleaned 1x daily, blanketing, turnout, boots added ect.
Other: Full service lounge w/ couches and laundry room. Laundry service 2x a week included in board. 3 heated tack stalls, 1 heated wash rack. Fans on each stall.

So what does your barn offer and charge? I just want an idea of what different areas charge.

Endless Journey Girl 08-26-2009 12:01 PM

Haha wow your's sounds so fancy! Wish I could afford that.

Price per month: $200
Location: Ontario
Stalls: No stalls outdoor board
Tack room: Small tack room with saddle and bridle racks and space to put a tack box.
Arenas: Nice sized outdoor sand ring (don't know exact size)
Pastures: several large pastures and small paddocks.
Care: Hay and Grain daily.
Other: Nothing really lol.

ClassicalRomantic 08-26-2009 12:26 PM

haha you would never catch me paying $700 a month for board LOL thats more than most car payments!

I pay $250/mo this is what it includes

feeding/hay twice a day and giving any supplements etc that you want
Her own stall and paddock
cleaning stalls once daily
large 30 stall barn i think maybe larger
large outdoor riding ring
round pen
wash racks
storage for equipment

what i have to pay extra for:
$5 for havign her own fan in her stall
$5 for holding for farrier
$25 for blanket during winter (if you choose to)
I believe they worm to but its extra not sure about that??

I'm sure im leaving something out LOL

IrishRider 08-26-2009 12:45 PM

Here is my info:

Price per month: $375 US (this includes all feedings, feeding of grain if necessary, stall cleaning, and daily turnout)
Location: New Mexico
Stalls: I have never counted but we have room for probably 40-50. There are different levels of stalls as well. Some have runs, some are just larger and some are the 12 x 12 box stalls. My horse is in a larger, partially covered outdoor stall.
Tack room: 1 main tack room, 1 additional one. The main tack room is actually a small building that my husband and I converted into a tack room for my trainer.
Arenas: Again, I don't know measurements. We have our main arena which is huge with a full course of jumps. We have a secondary arena that nobody really uses which is much smaller and only has a few jumps in it. We also have a round pen.
Pastures: several large pastures and small paddocks. Group and single turnout.
Care: Stall cleaning 1+ times per day, feeding 2+ times per day with grain if the boarder has it for his horse, daily turnout. Blanketing is $1 extra per day in the winter.
Other: Wash rack with cold and hot water faucets so you can get a nice luke warm temp.

Hunter65 08-26-2009 02:21 PM

My Info:

Price per month: $275.00
Location: Aldergrove, British Columbia
Stalls: 0 he has his own paddock with a shelter.
Tack Room: 1 small tack room. I don't leave my stuff there I bring it with me.
Arena: 1 outdoor arena / 1 round pen.
Pastures: One big field, daily turn out May to October
Care: Paddocks cleaned daily, feeding 2 times a day, grain in afternoon plus and other supplied feed (I have Hunter on some extras)

Totally relaxed laid back atmosphere.

RedRoan 08-26-2009 02:35 PM

For me at the moment...
Price per month: $200
Location: Oregon
Stalls: 3 (12x12 each, no run)
Tack Room: You can have a trunk, but I choose to use my horse trailer.
Arena: 1 round pen (20 or so feet across) Lots of arenas in the area though where you can ride up or haul to for a small fee.
Pastures: Two big fields, but you can split them up in having five horses in each section comfortably.
Care: Pastures are cleaned daily, stalls are cleaned daily, fly masks, blankets. Feeding is done 3 times a day, and you can buy your own grain for them to feed your horse.
Other: There is room to keep your horse trailer there if you want. You can ride off on lots of trails (the longest loop is about four hours), and have access and permission to ride in farmers fields.

Cougar 08-26-2009 03:22 PM

Surrey, British Columbia

Greylite and Cougar
$150 a horse
Own stall, paddock. I could have two individual ones but I prefer my horses to be in to gether. small little grass paddock they can go in, tack room, place to put your grain. They will throw feed in the morning. You do the rest.
An outdoor arena and I am the only one who rides my horses out of the 15 horses that are there. We have a round pen and trails near by. It's a nice relaxed place with lovely people. I love it there.

Langely, BC
She is out on seven acres with another horse. She gets grain, hay, a shelter, free run of the pasture and lots of love. They feed her and water her etc. She's happy as a clam in retirement.

HorsesHorses08 08-26-2009 03:43 PM

includes feeding and using the riding arena

Brighteyes 08-26-2009 03:54 PM

Price per month: $150
Location: Middle GA
Stalls: Six; 12x12; automatic waterers.
Tack Room: One good sized tack room. Each boarder gets their own trunk, grooming box, and spot of bridles, saddles, etc.
Arena: One 30 foot round pen and two very large paddocks with a few jumps.
Pastures: Three giant fields for pasture boarding, a smaller one near the barn for the lesson horses during the day, and two pattacks were the minnis and other fat horses sometimes stay.
Care: Stalls cleaned 1-2 times daily and fed as many times a day as the owner needs.
Other: Lots of trails, good people, and plenty of help for the newbies. Horses are well taken care of.

zurmdahl 08-26-2009 04:31 PM

Price per month: $650 including lessons

Location: Massachusetts

Stalls:26,all around 12x12, some might be bigger

Tack room: 1 Tack room, rought boarders have space in the wings they're in to put their tack.

Arenas: Sand outdoor, don't know the dimensions, and small dirt indoor. We're hopefully getting new flooring soon. No one uses the indoor except for in the winter.

Pastures: 3 very large paddocks and 11 smaller ones.

Care: Grain and hay twice a day, each horse gets something different. Turned out for 12 hours and then brought in. Stalls cleaned once a day. Put on fly masks and fly spray for turn-out.

Other: Viewing room in indoor with fridge, microwave, and some chairs. A nice fluffy couch to sit on outside of the viewing room. A wash stall outside. Nice, friendly boarders who are all extremley helpful and an amazing instructor who owns the barn.

We also have rough board which is 350 a month including lessons, you have to buy your own hay,grain, and shavings and do turn-out one weekend every couple of weeks.

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