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dee 08-26-2009 08:56 PM

Embarrassing question
Do you know where a large person can find a decent western saddle? I have an 18" saddle that fits my husband just fine, but it's WAY to small for my fat umm... backside. I realize I weigh a lot, but I've lost quite a bit since I got the horses - and that's just from working them on the ground. I would like to start a little (very little!) light riding, but need an oversized saddle. I've seen a few 24" saddles, and would like to find one that doesn't cost the earth (try working to support two families with five kids and all our horses!). My horse (see my avatar) is bigger than she looks in the pic - 14+ hh and 1150 lbs. She could carry me for a short bit, I'm thinking, but am afraid that a saddle that is too small for me would not distribute the weight as well as a larger one would.:oops::oops::oops::oops::oops:

ShebaGurl 08-26-2009 09:38 PM

My only suggestion would be to check ebay and see if anything pops up. If something does and it is cheap most likely (not always, but most of the time) the saddle isn't of the greatest quality but it might do the job for the time being. Although I have never heard of a western saddle over 18" or 18.5" they could be out there. If you are willing to spend the money I would look at a custom saddlery, that way you get the right fit for you and your horse, plus it would be of better quality. Hope this helps, defiantely check ebay never know what you'll find.

smrobs 08-26-2009 10:10 PM

^^ That would be my suggestion too. Until you find something, can you ride her bareback just for a bit of exercise for you both?

ShebaGurl 08-26-2009 10:14 PM

I found links to ads on ebay:

20" Western Dark Oil Saddle Horse Show Pleasure Trail - eBay (item 220462030780 end time Sep-02-09 12:35:33 PDT)

It says 20" saddle but I would check for sure if they mean seat size. It doesn't look like a bad saddle, but would not hold up long to hard use day after day.

here is two 19" saddles:

19" Medium Oil Roping Pleasure Trail Western Saddle - eBay (item 330355326265 end time Sep-25-09 11:58:08 PDT)

19" Western Trail Saddle - eBay (item 250486924750 end time Aug-30-09 06:17:38 PDT)

If an 18" is snug you might find a 19" is all you need afterall, hope I'm helping.

dee 08-27-2009 08:06 AM

Thanks guys. I've been checking Ebay. Before I realized just how big a saddle I needed, I did see a couple of 24" saddles, but I missed out on them. My 18" saddle is pretty snug, and a 20" would be less so, but I was afraid it would still not distribute my not inconsiderable weight well enough on the horse's back.

Most of all... Thanks for not being judgemental!

kitten_Val 08-27-2009 08:18 AM

Actually you don't want it to be too loose either. If you say 18 snag, then 20-22 could be a perfect size. Also keep in mind that different brands feel really different size-wise. For me when I tried saddles the difference went as much as +/- one size. Anyway good luck on finding one!

andysgagirl 08-27-2009 08:39 AM

I would defiantly go to ebay too. Even if you just find a cheap saddle that fits for now, you can buy a new one when you lose more weight from riding! My mom has a 17in saddle that is a "wide seat" it fits her pretty good and she is probably 240lbs. I had never heard of this before but apparently it exists! I wish I could tell you where it came from but we where given the saddle by a friend. Just keep looking everyday for new saddles on ebay and good luck!

bloodhoundmom28 08-27-2009 09:07 AM

congrats on the weight loss i know its hard to do. i have seen a few well made saddles at the auction that went cheap and were 20"-22" they were both roping saddles one good thing is that if nothing else you can sit on them and see what fits. also if you are still worried about pressure get a really good blanket for you saddle that will help as well.

dee 08-27-2009 10:17 AM

I use a fairly thick saddle pad, but I'd thought about double padding. When I rode this weekend, (just a lap around the yard) the horse I was riding didn't seem very happy, but he's smaller than my mare. It really looked more like I should be carrying him than him carrying me. I just hope I continue to lose weight. The 20+ pounds I've lost doesn't even make a dent in what I'd like to lose!

bloodhoundmom28 08-27-2009 10:48 AM

it just takes time. i have a air ride that i use on one horse and a memory foam on another they seem to help. do you show at all? cause recently i have been practicing halter with my gelding and all that jogging has caused me to drop 5lbs hehehe

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