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ILoveHorzez 01-20-2014 02:23 PM

My brother wants to start horse riding!!
I know i might be sounding like a spoilt brat when i say this but the truth is i dont want my brother to start riding. I was talking about it to my mum earlier and she was asking me about lessons - where i go riding. I have hardly ever had a lesson there and she is talking about it straight away!!! I mean to be honest my brother cannot ride. And i know he should have a lesson but i haven had a lesson in about 6 months!!

The other reason is one that is really bugging me. My brother doesn't really like horses, he just wants to ride the 16 handers and go really fast, or that is what it has always sounded like anyway. he asks if he can go riding and my parents dont take long to say yes. I have apparently loved horses all my life and it took me years to convince them to let me ride. i started when i was 8 and am now 14. Now to me that is extremely unfair.

However i dont want to say anything and am just hoping that he gets put off by the fact that he has to grow before he can ride the bigger horses and has to actually learn to ride before he can go galloping off into the sunset or whatever he wants to do.

I guess what i am trying to ask is can any of you relate with other siblings and how do i cope without saying anything that might sound rude or selfish. Although i would prefer not to say anything at all. Thanks in advance!!

dixieandboo 01-20-2014 03:15 PM

I completely understand that. When my sister wanted to learn to ride it was just because I knew how and she wanted to do what I did. She got my dad talked into getting her a horse and the horse is amish broke and would be a great horse but was broke and then left in the pasture so she doesnt have much expirience and my sister wont ride her so she rode my horse and got threw off and now wont ride anymore. Good luck with your brother:D

Cacowgirl 01-20-2014 05:30 PM

One of the first "life lessons" one should learn that makes it a bit easier-is-"Life is Unfair!" You're on the right track w/not saying anything (If you can't say something nice-say nothing at all.) Otherwise-open mouth-insert foot. Each child has a unique relationship w/each parent, & yes, boys or spoiled Daddy's girl's do get different treatment. You're 14-you have 4 years to plan how you will spend the rest of your life-enjoy your daydreams! Reality will hit soon enough-rent, car payments, utilities, transportation costs, medical & dental expenses. Etcetera.

Emma2003 01-21-2014 02:19 AM

The fact that you have stuck with your lessons and enjoy it may have made your parents think that it will be the same for your brother and therefore were easier to convince this time round, which, I can see, would seem unfair to you. I think you are right not to say anything. Just let him start lessons and see what happens. He will either get hooked, or, like many people, realize that it is hard work and not nearly as easy as it looks and drop out.

Luce73 01-21-2014 04:02 AM

I had exactly the same thing with my sister, although it was not so much the fact that she rode that bugged me, as the fact that my parents kept going on about what a perfct natural seat and soft hands she had (kep in mind my parents know nothing about horses). She maintains to this day that she was a better rider than me, and that it is my fault she stopped riding because i quit and my parents didnt want to make the driv anymore, when in fact it was the other way around (she fell off and got scared, and I got interested in something else and my parents couldnt afford both sports for me).

I just let her talk now though, I know I'm the better rider now (am taking lessons again), and I know I'm the one with horsefever in the family. I can imagine that it is annoying, but take it as a compliment. Younger siblings want to be like their big brothers/sisters, and will copy a lot of the things you do. Usually they will find out it isnt their thing and they wont stick with it though.

Rocco boy 01-21-2014 05:28 AM

You will love your brother riding horses in the future - it will be something you two can have in common , something you can share.
Just seems like a pain in the butt now ... Trust me it'll work out.
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