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We Control The Chaos 09-24-2007 05:48 PM

Does anyone want a signature?
I just figured out how to make them and I think I have some talent =]

Just put what you want on it and a few pictures. Here is a example.

M~R~N 09-29-2007 03:55 PM

Could I have one? Signatures are so much fun! Here's what I'd like on it:

Just put some colors, like blues and silvers, around it, with a border of curlicue-types in it. Something fun :D

We Control The Chaos 09-29-2007 04:54 PM

okay ill get right on to it. I probably wont be able to get it up imediatly cause ive got testing all week at school and conditioning at the barn. So when I come home Im cooked. :? But I will probably will be able to get it up within a few days =] :D

M~R~N 09-30-2007 09:03 AM

Thank you!!

~MavvyMyBeauty 09-30-2007 04:34 PM

I tried to upload a new signature the other day but it wouldn't let me, it said it was too big. It's about the same size as the one I have now and i've seen people with huge ones! Any idea how to get roun the size limit?

We Control The Chaos 10-01-2007 09:43 PM

Sorry It took so long. My photoshop is being stupid. And it didn't come out quite how I planed. :? But I think you will like it so :D Enjoy.

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