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Velvetgrace 08-30-2009 10:07 PM

Serious Discussion on Hoof Boots!
I need to know the pros and cons on the different types of boots out there. I am going to purchase a pair, but I am up in the air on which boot will work.

My mare had foundered and has very flat soles. She is sound on grass pasture, but little tender on concrete or grave surfaces. Her heals are down, but the toe is just slightly long not by much.

I like the look of the Renegade Hoof Boots. They look easy, simple and could hold up. However, it mentions that it is designed for a short toe. My second choice would be the Easy Boot Boa's. I am not sure how they would truly fit and I need something that I can go through water in.

Here is what I am needing:
- Easy application
- Something that can be used to walk through creeks, rivers, lakes, or to go swimming with in the pond or lakes.
- Don't want it to suck off in deep mud or any kind of mud.

I know that other people have been asking these questions in threads here and there. But I have yet to find a thread that is about the different types of boots, why they work or don't work.

Velvetgrace 08-30-2009 10:23 PM

The reason that this is in the health section is because I am dealing with hoof problems that are caused by founder. Are there some boots that are better than others for this problem?

kwal83 08-31-2009 09:54 AM

The boas are nice in the beginning. As they break in a little the caps on the front start falling off, which causes the dial to be exposed, which then causes the dial to pop out then the laces loosen then the boot falls off. The laces also break. I had mine for less than a year and they weren't used hard and one of the laces broke and they're a bitch to change. The traction also sucks and they go above the hairline so they can rub, especially when the skin underneath is wet, like when you go through water. I've had the boots come off in mud without the laces even being loose. They're also big and klunky on the horse's feet. I used to love these boots but after a couple months of use I couldn't stand them anymore. I now have Easyboot Gloves, as I wrote in my previous post to your thread in the tack and equipment section. They're much easier to put on than Boas and once on they don't require any adjusting, as the Boas do. Plus there's all of the other advantages I wrote about in the other post. I've also tried the Easyboot Old Mac G2 boots since my horse has a foot that's narrower than it is wider, which is what the G2 boots are for. The original Old Mac's are for hooves that are basically the same width and length, in other words hooves that are completely round. They have better traction than the Boas but they're hard to get on and they're even more klunky on the horse's feet. The Easyboot Epics are just original Easyboots with gaitors to help hold them on. They have cables that stretch out and break and they're not that easy to get on either. The Easyboot Grips shouldn't be used on dry land because they don't allow the hoof to slide a little when it hits the ground as it's supposed to, and the Easyboot Bare is ok but hard to get on.

The Cavallo Simple Boot is ok but once again it's klunky on the hoof and goes above the hairline and can rub.

I've spent more than a year researching and trying different boots. I suggest you type 'reviews on hoof boots' into google and read reviews from people on neutral web sites (sites that aren't from the actual boot manufacturers) to get a better idea of what might work for you.

kwal83 08-31-2009 09:59 AM

Sorry...your other thread wasn't in the tack and equipment section, it was in the horse health section.

Velvetgrace 08-31-2009 11:05 AM

Yes, I figured since the discussion was starting to lean towards another topic, I would open it up for comment on Hoof boots. I have been shopping around. I did find the following link to be some helpful and shows all the differnt types of possible boots that can be purchased.

Hoof Boots - Information on Hoof Boots for your horse

I really do apperciate your comment. I have found it helpful and I sure that someone else will find it helpful too.

If there are other Hoof Boot users out there, I would like to here your experiences on the types of boots that you have used.

As I find information I will be posting it here so that other people can utilize the efforts of my research = )

kitten_Val 08-31-2009 11:54 AM

It really depends on shape of your horse's hoofs. I had the best results with Easyboots (Bare, Epics, and currently Edge (the best one), takes me about minute/boot (I'm slower person though :-) )) for my oval-feet qh. My paint has perfect round hoofs. That's not the best fit for Easyboot, but Epics were still pretty snug on her and I just got her a pair of Edges. I heard Easyboot Gloves are dream to deal with, but they have to have a PERFECT fit to stay on.

Cavallo boots I got and returned very next day: very bulky and didn't stay on my paint. Frankly I'm also not a big fan of Old Macs: very bulky and hard to put on. I heard nice things about Boas and Renegades, but never had a chance to try a pair.

BTW, if you gonna order was the cheapest one on boots (plus free shipping) I could find. Don't order directly from Easyboot site - the service is HORRID (and more expensive too).

G and K's Mom 08-31-2009 01:06 PM

We have 2 pairs of the Easy Boot Epics for our QH's for trail riding. Easy to put on and they stay on. We've used the same boots for over 3 years, with just one Gator replacement. The Gators can be snugged up nicely around the ankle without any rubbing.

Where we ride has some pretty steep hills and the horse's have no traction problems. We go through a couple of small creeks with no problem, although I can't comment on deep mud. At the end a 3 hour ride there is no debris in the boot. My only complaint is once the little plastic thingy that covers the Gator connector comes off you end up with little rubs on the hoof, although it hasn't caused any problems.

We tried the Old Macs and they were too bulky and too loose around the ankle. Just couldn't get a size that fit my two. First time they went into a trot they were flapping around.

Velvetgrace 09-01-2009 08:22 AM

Spoke with the Renegade Hoof Boot crew yesterday and they stated that their boots are endurance boots. Why would they call them that, are not all hoof boots endurance boots?

Velvetgrace 09-03-2009 08:54 AM

Does anyone have any experience with the Easy boot Edge?

Appyt 09-03-2009 09:41 AM


Originally Posted by Velvetgrace (Post 392880)
Spoke with the Renegade Hoof Boot crew yesterday and they stated that their boots are endurance boots. Why would they call them that, are not all hoof boots endurance boots?

No, not all boots are for endurance riding. I trail ride. I use Boas at this time and have not had a problem with them coming off, tho I do not ride. I think it depends on how often and long you ride as well as the terrain you cover. I have ridden in creeks and in the Flinthills as well as down the road.

Be sure you have room for a cushion pad if your horse has issues with gravel etc as some horses need the extra protection. I buy a sheet of exercise matting from Walmart and cut to fit. Much cheaper than the "bought" pads.

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