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NyHorseGal 08-31-2009 05:51 PM

Outside cats
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Back in May of 2009 we had a family of cats. Brindle Cat(mom)and her 3 orange kittens. They love to hang around my house. I have a little house for them in the back yard. Theres food and water for them. Tomorrow is September. I want to catch the kittens (who are 4 months old?)before winter comes. Brindle cat doesn't come around that much anymore. Her kittens are still here. I can't bring them into my house because i have 2 cats and a 7 month old lab mix. It wouldn't be fair to them. We don't know if the kittens are sick with something either.

Any ideas on how to catch them? I need a trap..but where does one get one? I just wish that the shelters around here could take them.. I emailed one shelter and they said they were full. We went to another shelter and they said they were full too. :( These cats need to be fixed and they need a home.

I like these kitties alot. They are so much fun to watch.
Here are some pics of them. Sorry if they are big.

The first picture is Brave Kitty. I think hes a boy. I call him brave kitty because he is brave. He comes into my backyard and plays. :)

The second picture is Fuzz ball..You will see why i named him fuzz ball

The third picture is Shy kitty who i think is a girl. She is shy because she runs away everytime i come outside..but then she comes back..


1dog3cats17rodents 08-31-2009 05:59 PM

Some shelters/rescue will let you rent a have a heart trap, or you can buy one (not that expensive). bait it with canned cat food.

They are too cute, I bet you could find homes on craigslist. They would make great barn cats too, maybe see if local barns need a cat or two for the mice. For barn cats, you might want to speuter them yourself, but as a pet you can tell the new owners the price is speutering and shots, and they can pick them up from the vet of their choice. Maybe pay half of it if you can afford it.

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