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paintluver 09-25-2007 05:53 PM

a story I made in study hall
Ok this is nowhere near done, t isn't very good at the moment, but I thought I should share it!!

If you can think of a name for it tell me!

She rounds the last barrel, and hears the buzzer “a new record 14.356 seconds” she hears the announcer yell. Rachel looks up at the score board, she is in first place, the judge comes over to her and says here is your blue ribbon Rach. Then the judge says where did you get your horse? So Rachel tells him right from the beginning,
It was a Saturday morning last summer; I looked outside and see the horses grazing, and dad fixing a fence, the fresh aroma from the kitchen, its bacon! She puts on her favorite shirt and jeans, the shirt says “gotta love horses” , she rushes downstairs and her border collie Chance follows her to the table, “go get your dad, breakfast is ready” said mom. So I go outside and walk over to my dad and see a big painted mare with wild eyes and beautiful markings “what happened to the fence” I said, “doggone mare broke it!! He he!” said dad “What did she do?” “She kicked the gate trying to get out, she has enough spirit to beat a pack of wolves then run the Kentucky derby!” said dad “where did you get her?” “from the horse auction” said dad. “is she rideable?” “You are going to be the first to ride her of this family so I don’t know!”Said dad “oh yeah I almost forgot, breakfast is ready dad!” “ok, can you go un-tack Rowdy, I rode him to get the mare so he is tired!” Rowdy is Rachel’s favorite Quarter horse gelding he got from a slaughter house right before he was about to die. He was as mean as a rattle snake to everyone except Rachel’s dad, “he’ll eat me alive dad” “no he is to tired to put up a fight just go do it” dad said. Once Rachel un-tacked Rowdy, dad was already done fixing the fence and walking to the house. “Mmmmm breakfast smells good Lacy! Rachel’s mom Lacy was the best cook in Texas. “are you going to get the cattle off the hill to brand them today Jo?” Rachel’s dad Jo was one of the greatest cowboys in America, but one day when he was showing his horse Rowdy when he was 14 Jo fell off and hurt his back really bad, and ever since he hasn’t shown any horses. “yeah I was planning on getting them today” “Rachel you are going to come up and help me with them” Dad said “what horse am I going to ride?” “I was thinking that new paint mare” dad said “Jo you can’t put her on that loco mare she will get hurt” said mom “She will be fine, who else would she ride?”sighed dad “I was thinking Pal” mom argued back. Pal was Rachel’s old pony she learned to ride on, he was 12 hands high and had a sway back. “she can’t ride Pal, he won’t be able to keep up and the cattle would run over him.” Dad exclaimed. “besides, that mare is a fine horse to ride” “after breakfast, we are going to go tack up that mare and Rowdy and ride up there, I promise we’ll both be safe” Dad said trying to convince mom. “fine” said mom reluctantly. So after breakfast Rachel and her dad walked out to the paint mare’s arena and got her and Rowdy out. “go get the saddles and bridles out and tack up the mare” ordered dad.

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