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dreamrideredc 09-01-2009 09:11 PM

what do to when...
i started to post this in my frustration... post but figured i get more comments if i made a thread about it. so here it is...

on occasion my horse will get super excited and wont hold still. he will sidestep and try to squish me and run off (this is on the ground by the way :-)) when i get frustrated w/ this i yank on his mouth and i KNOW this is not the thing to do in a situation like this! sooo what do you do when your horse is spazzing out and the situation is promising to leave you squished and horseless? you gotta love it when that happens :wink:
thx in advance =]

smrobs 09-02-2009 07:53 AM

Since the mouth pull is not getting his attention, then it won't help to continue it. When this happens, are you usually in an area where you can work him in circles or is it a more confined space. One thing you might try (given you have enough room) is to tighten one rein and stick a thumb in his ribs and just let him circle around you at a speed that you choose. Use the inside rein to keep him close enough to control and your thumb to keep him far enough away that you are safe-ish. You might try that for a minute and then stop him and back him up 8 or 10 strides then try to lead him again. If he starts again, then start all over. I don't know if this will work or not, but it is just an idea of something to try. Basically what you need to do is get his attention focused back on you and not on whatever is distracting him. Make him work right there close to you and always keep his head tipped just a hair toward you. When he relaxes even a bit, then release all pressure and let him stop moving. Then when his feet stop, praise him and then continue on. Good luck and I hope this helps. :D

Saskia 09-02-2009 07:58 AM

Turning circles are always great. If a horse it walking in a tight circle, he can't really squash you because his hindquarters have to follow his front, and thats being pulled around you. They also have difficult running when they are being spun in a circle, and they aren't as distracted about whats around them. If they are moving they can't fidget.

Whats more horses don't really like going in continuous cirlces, and they seem to settle quickly. Everytime he does what he does I would pull him in a tight circle until he settles, then start walking again.

Lonestar22 09-02-2009 02:18 PM

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Allways make sure his head is turned slightly toward you, that way his butt has to go the opposite direction. Talk to him and calm him down. And circles are the BEST. I use them all the time for excited horses.

dreamrideredc 09-02-2009 09:10 PM

thx everyone i will be sure to try it...i sometimes have a lot of room and sometimes not (this is when i trailer out to lesson so yeah) thx again =]

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