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paintedpastures 01-25-2014 08:43 PM

So what does having a Proven stallion or broodmare mean?? I personally think the term is used too loosely by some people.:-x When talking about breeding You hear people say or see an ad that saying their horse is proven, when IDK all I see they have shown is that they can procreate:-(. Having the ability to make a baby doesn't = proven:wink:. You see a cremello or perlino & thay say proven color producer....Really??. A backyard mare that has 1-2 foals & now she is proven...In what exactly? that she has a uterus & can conceive?
To me a proven horse for breeding is one that has some kind of credentials that would make them more breed worthy:-). So they may have a show record of their own or have proven themselves to their peers in some way making them notable in their discipline:wink:. A stallion or broodmare can also earn credentials through the offspring they produce,those said offspring excelling & proving themselves. Does that mean a show record of some type:?? generally as that is the main way of recognizing abilities against that of his peers:-). but is not necessarily. Depends on discipline said horse. He could be a ranch horse that all the neighbors wish they had & you wish you had more than one of,as he excels at his job. The trail horse that leads the way ,mr dependable that you can put anyone on...the envy of his peers cause they know/do there job so well:lol: Even these horses are recognized against their peers but usually on smaller scale,but they have something! or have produced noteworthy offspring:-)

So yes suppose it is a pet peeve of mine!! people that use the term Proven to a Stallion or mare that has really done nothing that earned recognition:-(.

Yogiwick 01-25-2014 09:05 PM


Originally Posted by paintedpastures (Post 4613466)
A backyard mare that has 1-2 foals & now she is proven...In what exactly? That she has a uterus & can conceive?

But that's exactly it. I have always taken the term proven to mean that the horse is proven to be able to procreate. Nothing more, nothing less. The horse doesn't need to prove it's worth (matter of opinion) the horse has proven that it can successfully breed (matter of fact). If the mare is a proven broodmare she has proven that she is a successful broodmare and you know she has had foals in the past.

I don't feel the term is overused at all, it is a fact thing not an opinion thing, unless of course I am wrong in my understanding of the term.

Yes there are plenty of terms that are overused and make the horse sound fancy when they aren't but I don't think this is one of them. They aren't proving recognition, they are proving they can breed. Separate topic.

waresbear 01-25-2014 09:16 PM

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Proven mare means the horse has conceived, carried and delivered a live foal several times. Proven stallion means his semen (either live cover or AI) has conceived several full term live foals.

Yogiwick 01-25-2014 09:19 PM

Let me (maybe) clarify. Think of the term "proven producer". Simply abbreviated to "proven"

paintedpastures 01-25-2014 09:22 PM

Well maybe it is interpretation .....

Coming from a background of competing with & breeding horses. Proven has more meaning of accomplishment:-). proven pedigrees,proven performance records,proven producers mean they have been notable in those areas....

Yogiwick 01-25-2014 09:24 PM

I agree, but think when you say "proven broodmare" you are saying "proven producer" not "proven champion" unless otherwise stated.

waresbear 01-25-2014 09:26 PM

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I used to think the term "Proven Stalllion" meant the horse had produced champion show winners or the like. I was told by a breeding ranch that is not what it meant, doh! But I suppose if you are in the market for a brood mare or shopping for a breeding from a stallion, your number one criteria should be - can they reproduce? Even if they won the Grand Championships of the Universe, if the stallion can't produce, forget breeding it or the mare can't settle into foal, she's not the broodmare for you, right?

paintedpastures 01-25-2014 09:42 PM

Well when I think of broodmare being proven it is that she has produced offspring that have done something & she is consistent in what she produces. I had one such mare I had bought because she was a "proven" producer in my books:D,she was shown as a yearling won a couple things but was injured & put in broodmare band at young age. Her previous owner/breeder showed the offspring more than 1/2 her foals{she had 14} had futurity money earnings,were point earners & some had superiors.Her daughters are now also following in her footsteps in producing winning offspring. She was "proven" broodmare beyond just ability to conceive..:wink:

CLaPorte432 01-25-2014 11:46 PM

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When I think of "proven" stallions and mares, I am thinking that they themselves have done something that has made them accomplished. Points, Winnings, ROMs, or Titles. On another scale, they personally may not have done anything in the show ring, but their offspring has. Where they have had multiple foals make it into the show ring/race track and collected points, titles, winnings, ROMs etc.

anyways...that's MY interpretation of "proven"
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Dreamcatcher Arabians 01-26-2014 12:18 AM

I think "proven" can mean many different things in context. I have an Arabian gelding, who was a stallion until he was 7. He was a winner in 2 different Nationals competitions, Regional winner, in hand and under saddle. So, he "proved" himself in the show ring. He also impregnated 3 mares, first try each time, and they in turn had 3 live foals. His foals were at least as good as he is, and one was actually better than he or her dam. So, he was a "proven sire". He could have been a "proven" cow horse, or reiner or trail horse.

To say a cremello or perlino is a proven "color producer" is sort of a DUH......I'd be worried if they threw a bay or chestnut. I've also seen them advertised as Homozygous for the Creme Gene......You're kidding, right?

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