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horseluver50 09-07-2009 12:38 AM

Feel Horrible..
I really don't like my current riding instructor, I feel like I haven't been learning anything, and that she doesn't know what she's doing.

My normal instructor is really good, she has her equine training liscence and stuff..

But, she has been busy, and now it's her mom teaching me.

I ride western, and she told me, when I was trotting a 20m circle, to pull the inside rein all the way out beside me to get her to bend..

Well.. guess what!? When I did that, the horse turned.. wow, thats a surprise..
So, now we are on this tiny little circle trotting.

Then, she told me to use my outside rein to guide her.. tried that.. hmm.. well she turned her head to the outside.. and went that way.

My instructor got mad, and said I had to keep the bend to the inside.
I did everything she was telling me, pressure on inside leg, outside rein, and pull inside rein all the way out beside me o.O

When that didn't work, I got stressed, because my teacher kept telling me to try again, but I was like.. omg!!

Then, after that failed, we tried some flying lead changes.

I couldn't do that either, because I can't tell if I am on the correct lead or not (only on this horse), because the right lead is super bouncy, and the wrong lead is smooth..
I tried to see which leg is moving forward first, it was pretty even o_O

So, I attempted lead changes, and when I was on the wrong lead, my instructor said I was on the right, when I was on the right, she said wrong!


When I ride by myself, I can get her to bend easily, and do flying changes etc.
But in a lesson, I feel like a complete idiot! Like I have never ridden a horse before (I have been riding for 5 yrs)..

^^Sorry about the rant :P

What do you think I should do?

I am thinking about quitting lessons altogether, I am sick of arena work, its boring me.
And, once I get my own horse, I won't be taking lessons..

They are the only lesson stables in my town, besides the other one, which I dislike as welll..

what do you think?

Saskia 09-07-2009 01:00 AM

If the instructor isn't working for you then don't use her. Some students and teachers are compatible and some are not, regardless of the experience of both.

Lessons are important even with your own horse because people slip into bad habits without even realising it.

Even though there aren't any other instructors in your town, I am sure that there would be some knowledgeable horse people who could give you lessons if you asked around. A certificate isn't everything and are plenty of people who have enough experience and patience to teach but who just have never really thought about doing it as a job.

If you are using the schools horses then there isn't much you can do. You could talk to your previous instructor and explain that you just don't feel that lessons with her mother are as effective, and you have difficulty communicating what to do. Explain that you would like to keep riding, but if riding in lessons with her mother is the only option you will stop until you get your own horse - or something like that.

Once you have your own horse you can just have a lesson with someone when you feel that you need it, or attend clinics or something. I wouldn't bother continuing lessons with your current instructor.

horseluver50 09-07-2009 01:12 AM

I am so amazed at such great advice everyone on here gives! Thanks a bunch :)

The weird thing is.. my friend (beginner) is taking lessons there as well, but she gets to take lessons with the daughter..

Also, my instructor said we aren't allowed to ride bareback cause of liability issues.. but my beginner friend got to ride bareback with the daughter :(

I really wanna try bareback riding, I've only done it once or twice..

Thats a great idea! OMG! I forgot! My aunt has owned horses her whole life, and she is helping me pick out a horse :) She said, if I ever need any help, she can help me.
So, she can probably teach me a bit, if I really need it :)

At clinics, do I get to ride in it? Or, is it just watching? I'm unsure.. never been to one :P

Thanks soo much for the awesome advice!

So, in the meantime.. I will try to take lessons with her daughter again :)

mom2pride 09-07-2009 01:41 AM

Clinics will vary; some you will only be able to observe. Others you can pay extra to bring your horse and participate.

I agree...find a trainer who works with you; it's obvious this person doesn't know how to work with you. Perhaps with other people she does okay, but we all learn differently, so need a trainer who can pick up on how we learn, so we get the most of our lesson times.

Sounds like your aunt would be a good help.

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