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Saskia 09-07-2009 02:19 AM

Flatmates are EVIL
I'm going to have a rant about my flatmates.

So here (in Dunedin) everyone 'flats' with other students for very cheap rent in very dodgy and cold and moist houses. I live with two girls and three guys in this tiny 6 bedroom house, with one bathroom and one of the smallest kitchens ever. And the lounge room is like an entrance hall but slightly bigger.

They are so loud. I mean they come home at 3am or 4am and screaming, they turn on the music (and the subwoofer) and dance around. They cook, they fall downstairs. And then they come upstairs, stumble into their bedrooms sometimes carrying on conversations each from their individual bedrooms. I like to sleep. Then sometimes people come over at 3am and have arguments with the people who live here and throw things at each other.

Other times when people come home drunk they get some of my food - like ALL of my sweet chilli sauce or my lentils that are soaking over night and this stuff ends up all over the kitchen - literally.

Then in the morning they wake up and are extremely loud - I can deal with their music. I like to sleep in on weekends - especially after I have been woken throughout the night but unfortunately the boys on both sides of my enjoy playing their electric guitars at around 10 - 11am. One of them keeps his amp pressed against the wall - the wall my bed is against and my bed literally vibrates. Even when I am awake when I am watching a movie on my laptop with headphones I cannot hear it at all. They just don't care.

Not to mention we have an inspection on Thursday so while I was out making a doctors appointment they drew up a list of jobs then all chose the jobs and then put the list up so now I am left with bathrooms - which I hardly use when you consider half of their usage is people throwing up in them. Or boys being all gross. I think thats an unfair way of designating chores - if anything everyone - not everyone minus one - should be their when choosing what the jobs would be and who will do them.

The boys are just so messy. I am a person that cleans when I do things. So I make my dinner, clean my preparation stuff while its cooking, put the food in bowl then clean pots and whatever then go to my room and eat. I come down later to clean up my stuff that I ate with. These people seem to just cook and eat and dump everything in the sink and then do the dishes every 3 or 4 days - which means half the time I have to wash up whatever I use and wash up when I am done.

I'm vegan and I don't usually get all narky about it. I'm fine with people using my plates and pots and pans and cooking whatever they like whenever they like. I usually don't tell people I am vegan because they get all aggressive and ask ridiculous questions, then proceed to make fun of my alternative foods. But I don't like knives that are cut through cheese and meat and then never washed and are always gross and icky. So I bought my own knife and people use it for their meat! They know its my knife, and they know I don't like it being used for that but they don't care.

They always take my oil too - any put all their bread on top of my fruit and vegetables. Its really annoying because its like everyone has a tray, and whenever I want to get my stuff I have to take all their bread (multiple loaves) of.

Not to mention they are incapable of cleaning dishes properly. Even when they clean them they are dirty and have all these little hard bits stuck on them. I have to re-wash every thing.

That is all I have to say - for now.

RegalCharm 09-07-2009 09:13 AM

well I don't think you are going to change their behavior.

so I would start looking for another place to live.

TaMMa89 09-07-2009 12:58 PM

I'm sorry for that. It can be a problem in shared houses.

Hope you'll find a new flat soon.

sandy2u1 09-07-2009 02:13 PM

Sounds like a tough place to live. Maybe you should start looking for a new place to live, maybe where people are a little more respectful. They aren't respecting your property or caring wether or not they are disturbing anyone with there music and loud they don't sound like the type of people that are going to change. You really need to do something for your own sanity though.

Saskia 09-07-2009 10:43 PM

I had to sign a lease - basically every place here has a lease (which I am not used to) - normally its just a casual thing. Its strange how the whole rental system works here, people only live here from February to October/November but all the leases are 12 months.

As I am going back home (to Australia) when semester is over its not really worth looking for a new place. I am also hoping that they leave mid - October, which would give me the whole house to myself until December, which would be good.

I wish they weren't here, i'm sure they have somewhere else they could be, but they are downstairs running around doing whatever and all I want to do is make lunch. I'm just not feeling up to listening to their anti - Australian and loud complaining, its all done in good humour but I am over it all.

I just want to go home.

wild_spot 09-07-2009 10:59 PM

What are you in NZ for?

Saskia 09-08-2009 12:56 AM

I thought it would be fun. New experience and all, had nothing else going and a bit of spare cash so I thought a semester over here would be nice. Sold basically everything I owned and moved over here.

Its a lovely country and I would love to travel it and maybe even buy a little farm here one day but Dunedin just does not offer the climate, lifestyle or anything like that which I want. I want to be somewhat near family, and I love the sun and I never realised how sunny it was in Australia until I moved here.

But I plan on going to University of Wollongong next year which will be a change as I have never lived there but I am close to family (Sydney and Canberra) and should be able to afford to keep a horse there :-)

Still, I have to pay rent until December, even though I finish in October, so I might stick around so I have somewhere to live.

I'm trying to be very positive about being here, but I have been positive for months and I am sick of it.

wild_spot 09-08-2009 02:09 AM

Family in canberra? Whereabouts?

Saskia 09-08-2009 03:19 AM

My father lives with his new family in Theodore (back of Tuggeranong). I got some friends there and I went to school there for a bit (Canberra College) but yeah, long time ago (kind of). Feels like a long time ago. I'm thinking I am a coastal town person now, I don't want to move back to Sydney.

Its cool your from Canberra, not many people around from there (at least on the net) to you agist or have your own place?

Rachluvshorses4eva 09-08-2009 03:46 AM

Wow. Sounds pretty craptastic. I hope you give them a good telling off. What a bunch of inconsiderate people!

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