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themacpack 09-07-2009 05:37 PM

Big day for Aero and Katy
Today is the first day they have ridden outside of the pasture. I have been hesitant to have them ride outside of the fence, but I have become more and more confident in both of them, so today was the day. We started with handwalking just to see how she behaved without a fenceline around her and then I took them for a walk with Katy in the saddle and me there to jump in if things got questionable. She was a little unhappy about the neighbor's dog who came running out barking at us and got excited at seeing the horses up close (she can see them from the field, but there are two pastures between them), but did well over all. They are now doing their first complete solo (though I can see them from where I am sitting - she doesn't realize that, lol).
I am glad it is going well so far. This coming weekend I will take her for a longer ride and try out some of the closer trails we have. Several of our neighbors ride trails and have invited Katy to join them - I want them to be able to go. Growing up, trail riding was about 90% of what we did with our horses and I have so many great memories of it.

hollybee 09-09-2009 05:09 AM

sounds like theyre both doing great !

i just started to take my 5 year old out on the road, it was so funny, he stepped over all of the road markings like they were poles !!

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