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Spirithorse 09-07-2009 05:51 PM

Here's my boy Aramis, 8 year old Hanoverian. What do you think of his conformation? We are still working on getting back into shape but he looks a ton better than at the beginning of the summer:-)

^^ Just cuz I think he's cute! lol!:D I love my boy.

Wallaby 09-07-2009 07:21 PM

I'm not too good at critiquing but he's adorable! I'm a fan of his little hind socks. =)

XxHunterJumperxX 09-07-2009 07:27 PM

Being a horse lover- adorable! I love him

Not to be rude, just pointing it out:
He is very long from the poll to the top of the tail.
He has short legs and a small head.
his front foot with the sock, the hoof is really forward from the pastern.

He's cute though!!

Spirithorse 09-07-2009 08:47 PM

He does have his dam's TB head instead of his sire's WB head lol. After looking at the pic some more, that photo doesn't really show how nicely his neck is developed....I'll have to get some more in better light. And his front feet don't have white

Spyder 09-07-2009 10:10 PM

And the WB sire is ??

appylover31803 09-08-2009 12:20 AM

I'm just curious, how could a TB cross turn into a hanoverian??

I'm not good at confo, but he sure is a cutie

1dog3cats17rodents 09-08-2009 06:45 AM

He's gorgeous! I;'m not very good with confo, but he does have a great hip :-) His toes seem a bit long though

Spirithorse 09-08-2009 06:58 AM

His sire is Fine Art. His dam, Ariadne, is a TB/Hanoverian cross (according to his breeder).

He's going through a growth cycle right now in his feet, he's a little more than halfway done. We moved to a new place and the pasture is WAY better than at the old place, so that's why his feet look a little dished right now. I would never allow him to have long toes lol. You should have seen his feet when I got him, a horrible, flared out mess!

TJ Horselady 09-08-2009 11:26 AM

Hi Spirithorse
Spirithorse your fella Aramis is lovely.
And has very nice confirmation.
Topline from poll to withers matches topline from withers to dock of tail.
Shoulders fall according to hip slope so great there to.
Canon bones are smaller as they should be to upper portion of legs.
Good slope of pasterns to match shoulder [someone keeps his feet trimmed proper].
Nice sized hoof for landing on ground properly and solid.
Your fella has a short mouth/muzzle to match smaller head - so I bet snaffle does fine on him as other short shanked bits would too.
He has great definition to throat latch area to be very supple and flexible.
From the lovely pic of you and him lovin each other I see he has good distance between ears and poll looks good as well as his eye set is fantastic.
From looking at him he is of very good confirmation and probably shall suit your needs just well and last you a very long time.
If I had to fault him of one thing, all I can see in this pic and [it could just be the way he is standing] is his right front foot/ankle/pastern turns slightly out which is no big deal unless it also turn out at the knee which could cause him to wing or paddle above the trot, but then that may not matter or even be if you are only in certain types of competition or confirmation classes of certain breeds/types/disciplines.
Wish I were close enought to see him from behind and front and his inside muscle structure and as he walks out and movement as I think you have a real gem there , again that will last you many years of companionship, love and riding enjoyment.
Keep on lovin each other.
Hugs, TJ

Spyder 09-08-2009 02:45 PM


Originally Posted by Spirithorse (Post 398262)
His sire is Fine Art. His dam, Ariadne, is a TB/Hanoverian cross (according to his breeder).

Interesting. If it is the Fine Art from Samber I am surprised that you didn't get any colour. Fine Art is a Dutch WB Bay/white tobiano pinto and a big color producer.

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