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BarrelRacingLvr 01-31-2014 09:23 PM

*NEW* Monthly Contest! *Updates HERE!*
Alright so it is the 31st of January and I want to get everybody a quick chance to see this before posting the real thing tomorrow!

Right now there are only going to be a limited amount of categories just till this gets going (hopefully will get going!). But in the future contests if you want a category added (no breeds, will start a BREED contest if enough people want) I will add the wanted category!

Now for the rules!

1. Deadline is midnight of the last day of the month; late entries will not be judged.

2. Photos that were entered in a previous month's contest are not eligible to be submitted again.

3.You MUST have been the photographer, or be in the picture. No posting copyrighted photos (unless they are your own!).

4.) Dogs, cats and other critters are allowed in the Other's Section only. (Ponies, Donkeys, Mules, Zebras, Zonies and Zorse of course ARE allowed)

5.) One photo per category per person please.

6.) Please specify which category the photo is being entered in BY NAME. Category numbers will not be recognized. And it MUST be one of the categories for this month. Judging will not start until the contest is closed, so if you change your mind about which category your photo should go in; edit your post before the end of the contest.

7.) Photos may only be entered into one category. One photo can not be entered twice.

8.) No Comments on photos please. If you would like to comment on someone's photo, I can create another post for Comments on Current Photo Contest if need be.

9. Please try to keep the category names in order. I know it can sometimes be confusing, but doing this would help me out a lot!

10. Have FUN!

If you have any questions or requests PLEASE POST THEM HERE! Thank You :)

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