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ronknighton 09-08-2009 08:37 PM

Horse Safety, Keeping Your Horse Safe When Traveling
Horse Safety should be the number one concern for every horse lover. We all know that keeping our horses safe from injury and illness is a daily responsibility and requires preventative action. Many aspects of horse safety are considered common sense while others require research. If you have been around horses for long, you know that the most unlikely things can injure a horse. Great caution must be taken when maintaining your barn, pastures and corrals.
As if keeping your horse safe at home were not difficult enough, what about when you hit the road? If you enjoy taking your horse to events, shows, competitions or trail riding, you understand the difficulties that come with containing your horse away from home. Many options are available but few are very favorable.
One popular option, especially when trail riding and camping is the “high line” or “picket line”. Both of these methods are basically tying your horse to a fixed line or stake with some type of lead line. Now these types of restraints have the advantage of being light and easy to transport but really lack in safety. The opportunity for the horse to get tangled is very high. To reduce the chance of the horse getting tangled, the movement of the horse has to be greatly reduced by shortening the lead length. This can cause anxiety and stiffness for the horse. These methods also provide no physical barrier for the horse and allow for direct contact from other horses and people. In other words, you increase the risk of your horse getting or being injured or people being injured when too close to your horse.
Portable corral systems have also become very popular. They range from heavy metal panels to lightweight electric fence systems. The metal corral and gate panels definitely give you the best when it comes to free movement of the horse and a physical barrier but are often very heavy and difficult to set up. The electric wire systems are very light and easy to set up and allow for larger areas and flexible configurations. The problems with these are unreliable power boxes and no real physical barrier. A horse can actually tear down the whole corral system without intending to, while getting shocked in the process. That can make for a very scared and hard to catch horse. The PVC panel systems are also light but if broken can leave jagged edges to injure the horse.
The answer to all of these problems has just recently become available. Trail Corral is an all steel panel system that mounts directly to your horse trailer. The panels are stored tightly against the trailer when not in use and then are easily swung into position when the corral is needed using a unique hinge system. The whole set-up process only takes a couple of minutes and is easily done by one person with no heavy lifting. The steel panels are detachable if other configurations are preferred. Now you can have a lightweight yet strong corral to keep your horse safe and comfortable where ever you go. Visit for more details.

wild_spot 09-09-2009 08:09 PM

Not a new idea, my dad has been making our own for years :]

Will vouch for usefulness, though.

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