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samc230 09-08-2009 10:00 PM

Critique me and my (kind of) green horse

Isn't mine, but thinking about christmas time. How do we look? I don't want to get FLAMED, but some critique and advice is definitely cool :D

Thank you!!!

EDIT: Still getting used to him, so I know I'm bouncy. The last two seconds of the video explains his attitude. He needs work.

Jessi94 09-08-2009 10:14 PM

I believe he is tossing his head because you are really in his mouth with a pretty severe bit (from what I can see). If you want to have that much contact, you should go to a duller bit. Even if he is trying to canter forward, in western you should never hold them back like that. Work on circles and one-rein stops.

What I do for a horse that really wants to canter fast, is I bring the horse to a safe arena and let him canter, and canter, and canter, with no contact whatsoever. The horse will finally relax and canter nicely because he realizes that there isn't a rush.

Contact (in western) should only be used for asking the horse to do something, not just holding him back. Holding him back will only make him feel more trapped, and make him want to canter faster. That causes his head to shake.

dominoschica 09-08-2009 10:16 PM

I think you should release your reins more, let him have his head and see if he still throws it around like he does. If you release and he goes faster, just work on circles and spirals until he has slowed, and then let him back on the rail, if he gets super fast again, repeat...

Looks good though!

Good job staying on him while he tries to blast you into the fence.. haha.
little brat.

dominoschica 09-08-2009 10:17 PM

I agree with Jessi94 on the bit... what kind of bit do you have on him?

samc230 09-08-2009 10:26 PM

If I released his reins anymore than that, I think I would freak out about him balling off. However, I don't think he would, but I just can't let the reins TOO lose. I know they look tight, put I never pulled on them while we cantered, maybe if he tossed his head. It's not my bridle, so I can't speak for it, I just borrowed it. I am looking at head stalls on ebay, what kind of bits would you suggest for him? (LOL basically, a specific bit anyone??)

What do you mine by spirals? And this pen is actually a pretty small circle, so you mean a tight circle in the middle of the pen?

Also, why does a horse want to go faster and faster with a lose rein, or not want to calm down and walk? Excitement?

Thanks dominoschica! He is definitely a brat sometimes, and I got save of the day award for that one! LOL I remember thinking, "OH s***, I'm about to go down" but next thing I knew, I was still clinging to him! I turned him straight around and told him to canter some more. He learns bad habits VERY, VERY, fast.

Jessi94 09-08-2009 10:34 PM

I don't know, when you look, the bit is pulled back, which means you have pressure on the reins, whether you actually pulled hard or not.

Most of the time a horse will get excited on a loose rein because he has had someone in his mouth a lot... he's thinking "woo-hoo, I have my head! Let's go!" but if you always practice with a loose rein, they will learn that a loose rein doesn't mean go, it means... nothing really. They will get so much more sensitive in the mouth. Having a loose rein is much easier on the horse and the rider, it just takes a little work to get them to work that way. :)

eventerwannabe 09-08-2009 11:11 PM

The very first thing I noticed is that you look really tense, causing him to be tense. A harsh bit will not fix anything, it will just mask the problem for a short time. I know a horse that if you put her in anything stronger then a loose ring snaffle she doesnt respond the the bit at all (though I use my legs and seat more then the bit).

Here is the bit I use when I ride western:
Pro-Craft Copper Mouth Tom Thumb Bit -

Here are some headstalls too:
Pro-Craft? Biothane Tack -
Pro-Craft Braided Nylon Tack -

Reins: (my friend has those and I LOVE them)

I think just slowly loosening them, only by an inch at a time. And lowering your hands and relaxing your body will help you pretty horse and you out a lot! :]

Sorry, I didnt mean to tear your riding apart, I hope your okay with what I said!!!

samc230 09-08-2009 11:50 PM

Thank you eventer!! aww, someone else thinks he is pretty! My mom and boyfriend aren't too crazy about his looks, but I LOVE duns!

I've always thought Tom Thumbs were harsh though?

Jessi94 09-09-2009 12:19 AM

They don't like his looks? I think he's a pretty boy! :) Love those stocky horses.

eventerwannabe 09-09-2009 01:20 AM


Originally Posted by samc230 (Post 399017)
Thank you eventer!! aww, someone else thinks he is pretty! My mom and boyfriend aren't too crazy about his looks, but I LOVE duns!

I've always thought Tom Thumbs were harsh though?

What type of bit is he in now? I cant really tell.
Im a mainly english rider, but I do know that bits with ports are much harsher then saffle/oval/french links. I only ride in a Tom Thumb when I ride western, rather then one of my english bits, but I do show western every once and a while and I want to make sure my horse is used to the feel of the bit.

In the video, it looked like you had a shank, but I couldnt tell. So if he isnt, then I know a better bit, though it is for english (I know a few western ones, but they are a bit more expensive). So sorry for my dumbness in western bits! Im a mainly english rider. :]

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