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PonyGirl93 09-10-2009 04:10 PM

Getting started?
So, I am crazy about eventing. I'm training my all-around 4 y.o. gelding to do hunter/jumper stuff. And I can't wait to get started eventing on him.

So, we have a lot to work on before we even get there. But I want to be prepared once I do. How do you get started eventing? Are there "schooling trials" :wink:? How much do small events cost? Are there any in OH? (I could probably go to KY once a year for an event, but not more)

And am I going to be fine doing dressage in my CC saddle? What are the lowest courses?

I just need a basic run-thru :D


maryberry 09-10-2009 06:48 PM

im sorry i dont know what to tell you i dont do english rideing i ride western but for western events most of the time there are local fun shows that dont cost much i dont know if english events have that but try to find a local club that rides at events and ask them about it.

equineeventer3390 09-10-2009 09:46 PM

Ohio is in Area 8. Here is the website. USEA8 - Home
It has schooling events, USEA recognized events, clinics, trainers, and places to school cross country listed as well as alot of other information. You can also go to USEA - United States Eventing Association (Eventing, Combined Training, Three Day Event, Horse Triathlon, Equestrian Sport) for more information.

Saskia 09-10-2009 10:05 PM

Even though you are really keen don't jump your horse to young. I wouldn't really start seriously jumping until my horse was about five. Small caveletti and small grids are good for teaching a horse rhythm, strides and balance but don't make the mistake of going too high too early. A four year old is still young and growing.

I'm not in America so I can't really advise you on shows. My advice is to get the dressage down pat. At the low levels a lot of people can do cross country and show jumping, and you will find a lot of people going clear so dressage will be the main opportunity to get the most or least points or however it works over there. Not only that but the control you have in your dressage will translate over to the other two phases. In my experience I see a lot people focusing on the jumping aspect because they see that as the majority of the competition, as well as the "scariest" parts, but you really need to work on getting control, balance and rhythm.

I don't think they would mark you down much for riding in a CC saddle at the lowest levels but you are not going to be sitting in the optimum dressage position in that saddle and you may get marked down for that. I used to compete in show jumping but I always do everything except for jumping in a dressage saddle. If you are serious about eventing consider getting one, even if its cheap.

Long clinics will be more expensive than shorter things, and unofficial competitions will probably be much cheaper. I usually find its not so much the entrance cost that adds up, but the floating, petrol and all the extra time.

Good luck, and take care of your horses legs. Don't over jump him, don't skimp on your dressage and control and be patient.

PonyGirl93 09-10-2009 11:19 PM

I'm definitely staying very low on the jumping, and he is a very mature 4 year old. Most people looking at him guess 12 or 13 ;) But I'm still being cautious.

Thanks for the info and links!

Anyone else? :)

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