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dreamrideredc 09-10-2009 10:44 PM

Balancing Disciplines
well i just posted a thread today about me and my boy starting barrel racing (just trying something new and i LOVED it!) and i realized something...with us jumping for five yrs, and just starting barrel racing and trail riding for fun, i need a way to balance all of these disciplines. i know that you should really have one main discipline so im thinkin that should be jumping since thats what i have been working on the longest? or does it not really matter and i should just do what we feel like doing that day and i shouldnt read so into it since horseback riding is all about fun!? i think that the second one makes sense, but then again, what do i know lol!? thx for your input! =]

Nita 09-10-2009 10:50 PM

LOL, I have many many disciplines, some with the same horse, some not. The most that I have for one horse is.... Driving, packing, ranch work, cow work, cutting, reining, barrels/other rodeo events, trail, 4-H shows, pleasure, jumping, hunt seat, and we're just starting dressage. haha, so I think as long as you don't sour a horse doing just one thing, and work with them tons, they can become an awesome all-around horse that can do it all. everything that they do benefits all their other events, I think. it might be a little bit of a personal choice, and i understand that people that are going for big time money might just do one thing, but if you were that horse, wouldn't you get bored? My horses actually go downhill if I don't give them a break from each discipline every now and then. Just rotating seems to keep their minds fresh and they seem more curious and excited to go riding. If I were you I would do it all haha. Plus, it's fun!


dreamrideredc 09-11-2009 06:47 PM

thx shelby! yeah recently after i took a break from jumping by doing trails, i went back into the ring and we were on fire! perfect distances, some of our lead changes, EVERYTHING! im just excited about starting something new...thx again! =]

and wow thats a lot of disciplines, but hey the more the merrier!

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