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Twilight Arabians 09-11-2009 02:36 AM

New horse! well sorta....
So some friends of my mom's decided a few months back there were going to become horse people... so they went out and bought the first two horses they saw and now are way in over there head and wanted me to take them both, I really don't have the time for another horse so i called my friend and asked her if she might be interested in one of them since she just sold her horse and someone is making payments on him. so we went out and looked at them. The one we are keeping is the 15H Arabian, they told us he was 3 but after looking at his teeth i say he's about 10, he's really sad looking, there other horse chewed all the hair off the top part of his tail (i saw him doing it so i know that's what happened) and it looks like he rubbed all his mane off, also his skin is really dry and he is desperate need of a good bath. When we went out to see him the people weren't home (they said come anyway) so we worked with him about an hour to see what he knew, he's definitely had training at some point but needs a lot of work to get back to a good place, my friend really likes him but can't get another horse untill she sell's her other one that's on payments witch will be about 2 months, so i agreed to take him (he's free) and keep him at my house until her other horse is totally sold, I feel so bad for him and he just looks so sad, so he will be my horse for about 2 months!! lets hope i don't decide to keep him. ;-) feel free to critique if you want to. Also i think he has some TB in him probably, he has no paper's so who knows. also she's just looking for an out going trail horse so papers really don't matter. :-)
P.s. That's not my tack on him. i really wish i had thought of bring my saddle and briddle because the saddle was just horrible, so small for him and just an overall crapy saddle and the bit was to harsh and to small for him. That is my saddle pad though. :-) there's was gross and i was happy i had at least that with me. I did have a head stall but no bit and a english saddle but no girth, lol.

Twilight Arabians 09-11-2009 02:50 AM

wow! I must be tried.... meant to post this in horse pictures. oh well! here's a few more pictures, my mom took these ones and she's a camera idiot.... i had to show her how to turn it on... :-\ should have told her how to turn the flash on, lol!

dominoschica 09-11-2009 04:23 AM

He looks QH to me..

But he is really cute, and looks to be going well for you!

Wallaby 09-11-2009 11:42 AM

Hey look! A taller Onyx! :lol: ROFL!

He is going to be such a beauty when his hair grows back and he starts feeling better! I'm totally envious. Good for you for taking him, he looks like a sweetheart.

I think if I had to guess a breed I'd say Polish Arab with a smidge of QH, if any. He looks a lot like my girl (all stocky not very "Arab-y") but he has a pretty Arab-y head and there's just something about him that says Arab... He's a real cutie pie.

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