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M2twisted 09-11-2009 08:30 PM

Pace event
has anyone ever done a pace event?
there is one here in a few weeks, and i am debating going.
any tips?
here's the link if anyone wants to check it out!

Arapahoe Hunt

MyBoyPuck 09-11-2009 09:43 PM

I haven't done foxhounds. Around here we have hunter paces which are similar, only no dogs or horns. You just canter or gallop through woods and fields with the occasional jump. They're challenging, but they're a blast. Lots of pretty scenery.

M2twisted 09-11-2009 10:23 PM

that's what this is, no hounds. well i think they'll have them (if i read correctly) kind ceremoniously, but that's it. i would do the baby like division, trotting pace and fences are optional

MIEventer 09-11-2009 10:23 PM

You are talking about a Fox Hunt? I used to ride, work and train at an Eventing Barn/Fox Hunting Barn and I loved it there.

Fox Hunting is thrilling, fun and enjoyable - if you know the rules and respect them. Remember, you are paying a capping fee to join an already established Fox Hunting group who've been riding in this sport for years, who love and respect the history and the culture and the traditions.

You can usually join groups that vary in skill, experience and level of your horse. For instance, you and ride in a group called "Hill Toppers" which means the slower folk. Then there are groups that go out who are more experienced and like to ride faster and harder. Totally up to you.

Some groups do not jump, while others do. You need to ask questions and find out more about this particular group you want to join and find out what "group" of rider would be more likely to suit your needs and wants.

Usually the faster, more experienced group is lead by the Hunts Master - who hen is followed by the Whipper-In - which means hounds and horns.

The slower group is more casual, usually no hounds, no horns - just going out on the country side enjoying the ride. The groups go out together, but don't ride together if you know what I mean.

- You need to groom your horse, clean and spick and span - as though you are going to a recognized show. Horses main does not have to be braided *ask the group, because each group is different on etiquite* but make sure it is clean, pulled, even and tidy. Polished black tall boots, black velvet helmet, black jacket, hair net or hair bun, black or white gloves, white breeches.

Color of jacket isn't "important" I've seen people join our local group with Beige Jackets or Grey Jackets. Just make sure you dress in your show attire. That means show blouse, stock pin - the whole works. Just as though you were to enter the show ring.

You should have a white pad. NO colors at all. Conservative - just like the Hunter Ring. Fitted is preferable, but if you are just capping, square is fine.

Rules - DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PASS THE HUNTS MASTER or whomever is leading your group.

Do not talk - especially if the hounds are on a scent. If you talk, make sure it is at rest periods where everyone is grouped around passing the flasks or what have you.

When the group leaves, make sure you remain in the order you left. It is not proper etiquite to pass the person infront of you. If you get jumbled up in a large open field from hand galloping, and you get organzed and back together - make sure you go back to the spot you were *so if you were 2nd from last in the trail line, make sure you go back to 2nd to last when you depart again*

When you first show up to the grounds, after you've tacked up and prepared yourself - make sure you find out who the Hunts Master is, shake his hand, introduce himself and express how thankful you are to beable to join his group. He is the Hunts Master for a reason, show your respect.

The Whippers - these are the one's who control the hounds when on a chase. Do not get in their way. They will be hand galloping past you in the opposite direction and hand galloping past you in the same direction - their jobs are to keep the hounds in line, in group, in count. Do not interfear.

Those are the main rules. I cannot really recall much of any others at this point in time....

Fox Hunts are a blast, and I love, love, love them. Don't be scared and don't be nervous - just enjoy yourself, smile, laugh - you'll get the feel of the group.


If you are talking about a Hunters Pace - those are a blast.

You usually have a team of 2. Sometimes 3 are acceptable.

You have a trail you have to follow at an alloted time. Usually the day before, one of the Fox Hunt Members will ride the marked trail and will time themselves on how long, or quick they ride it *you will never know what pace they ride it at* and the point is to get over the finish line, at the time you think it took the rider.

2 hours, 3 hours, 1 1/2 hours - whatever. My friends and I usually just go to enjoy the ride.

There are fences, you don't have to jump them if you don't want to. Usually fox hunting fences like at the facility here.

Attire - the completely depends on the group hosting. Some are very strict and choose to remain with hunt etiquite, while others, like my group - don't give a hoot n nanny. Usually my team will dress in coordinating attire.

Ask the person putting on this hunters pace to find out what the attire required is. Some groups, you have to dress as though you are entering the Hunter Ring at an A Rated Show, others don't care.

There are awards for the fastest ride time. The slowest ride time - and the grand prize goes to the team who comes in at the market time, or closest to.

No hounds, no horns, no Huntsmaster or Whippers - Hunter Paces are pretty much like a competative trail ride.

M2twisted 09-12-2009 12:07 PM

yea this is a pace event. there are awards for costumes. if i read correctly i could enter by myself, but i would prefer a partner.
i have never done this before and it's...2 miles i think (i'll have to go back and look) and want to do it, but don't wanna kill myself or my horse. we would do the bay divison (basically), that is timed at a trotting pace and you do not have to jump.

think it's wise without ever doing it before? i mean, you gotta start somewhere/somehow i suppose...

MIEventer 09-12-2009 04:22 PM

If you are trotting and not doing any jumping, fly at er and have fun. It's just a timed competative trail ride.

Do you hack at home?

M2twisted 09-12-2009 08:45 PM

i sure do! about 3 times a week :) i want to do more but, between getting up at 3am, having a daughter, husband, dog, cat and full tiem job, it's get a bit hecktic!
i decided to put up flyers at the barn (it is a HUGE facility, flyer is the best way to spread the word), and see if anyone else wants to join me!

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