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Crimsonhorse01 09-11-2009 10:07 PM

WSArabians Another Arab ?
I forgot to ask about my HAHA filly. I do know her dad is Airbornes Hope his pedigree is Airbornes Hope Arabian.
Im told her mother was as typey as they come but was unregistered.
Thank you!

WSArabians 09-12-2009 03:02 PM

Wow, I want this stallion! What an INSANLY good pedigree!

He's got an amazing Russian pedigree up top. Abdullah (who's seen most of the world - Born in the Netherlands, he was exported to Brazil and Germany before being returned home where he passed away), Patron (A three time National Dutch Champion), Aswan, Priboj (Tersk Foundation Stallion), Arax (leading Russian sire for ten years).

His sire's dam line is just as strong as well, mixed in there with a little bit bit of Spanish and Eypgtian breeding back there.
Marhaba was a Res. Champion stallion in Holland, Nagasaki a Champion Stallion in The Netherlands, Nezabudka a Reserve champion and Best of Show in Russia, Achim a British National Champion and extremely classy Arabian, and then we find ourselves into the famous lines of Witraz and Ofir whom I've praised to death already. :D

And his dam's side... We find some more Domestic bred horses here, but some of my all time favourites again. Silver Drift is a sire that you really cannot go wrong with. He sired MANY National Champions and was a English Pleasure Champion himself. He was an extremely upright and classicly put together Arabian combined with an impressive athletic ability.
His sire was Raktha, who pulled an impressive feat when he was named the British Champion stallion at age 14. His sire of course, whom has been introduced before, is Naseem who is by the legendary Skowronek.

Gazon, of course, another amazing Arabian sire who was one, in my opinion, of the most influential sire's around. He was awarded with the Living Legend honour, Supreme Sire, Sire of Significance and many National Champion wins.

Then there is, of course, Skorage, Indraff(Raffles 1st son), Raffles, and Ferzon.
Lots of wonderful Crabbet breeding by some the most important Arabian breeders of that era.

He's got an impeccable pedigree containing both horses who have excelled in everything from Halter, English Pleasure, Western Pleasure, and Racing.
A lovely combination of exceptional conformations to the extreme working athletic horses.

I've got a mare who's got a similiar top side through the Patron son Halycon and I can still see the amazing character passed on through these horses in her own conformation and temperment. Wonderful horses.

Does his owner have a website available?

Crimsonhorse01 09-13-2009 02:38 PM

The only thing I have found on him is an old horseclicks ad. They sold him, but they still have a contact number there. Maybe they can tell you who they sold him to.
Good luck.

WSArabians 09-13-2009 05:46 PM

Thank you! :)

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