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riccil0ve 09-12-2009 12:19 AM

Keeping closed doors closed -- venting.
Let me try and make this as brief a rant as possible. I keep my horses at a private barn, so it's just my two horses and my friend's horse. We alternate feedings.

Now, my barn has the end doors to close up the aisle way, and the inside consists of three stalls on the right. These stalls open up to the aisle as well as the pasture. One stall is kept open to the outside is open at all times, the middle stall is our feed room, and the last is bedded with the top half of the outside door open.

I've been noticing that my friend has a habit of leaving the inside doors to the feed room and bedded stall open. Sometimes it's just not latched, sometimes it's wide open. I've mentioned her leaving them open, and she just said at least it wasn't the run-in stall, and didn't seem to pay any heed to what I was saying.

Well, one evening I came to feed, and the whole outside door to the feed room was open, with about a bale out in the pasture. At least it was her grass hay instead of my really rich alfalfa. And if that isn't enough, this morning, I pulled open the big barn doors and there are the ponies, wrecking havoc in my aisle way! There were some boxes of papers that the barn owner had left in the aisle strewn all over the place, a few piles of poo, a lot of dirt, and our grooming stuff everywhere. They also managed to snap my dressage whip.

My friend said she was SURE she closed that door, and I'm like, "Well, it was open and it wouldn't be the first time you've left a door open...." It just really frustrates me. She tried to blame it on someone else, but I'm like, "I'm pretty sure it was you..." It just really irritates me. I mean, how hard is it to open a door and close it behind you? If it's closed, there's probably a reason for it, right? I'm just glad it was as simple a fix as it was, because the could have gotten OUT out, or gotten into the feed room again if she left that door open too, and that would have gotten them into grain and my alfalfa hay. It just, UGH!

Does anyone else have any similar stories or frustrations? I'd like to hear about them, it will help take my mind off of mine. Ugh.

roro 09-12-2009 01:50 AM

I have a vaguely similar problem at my barn except not as serious, just really annoying. We have 4 muck buckets with brooms placed in specific spots down the aisle to clean up hoof waste etc. The buckets should stay in their spaces. Well, one person thinks that they are privileged enough to move the bucket away from their stall and put it by another person's stall. If I move it back to its spot, they take the bucket and HIDE IT IN THE WOODS. This is a 45 year old woman, also a trainer. She does all sorts of other strange passive aggressive things as well. I want her out of the barn for good and many other people feel the same way.

loosie 09-13-2009 12:46 AM

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I had a horse who used to unlatch doors, that I got the blame for on a number of occasions. Perhaps keeping locks on the doors?? A bit more hassle, but if they're padlocked & only you & she have keys, she can't pass the buck if she forgets to close them. I'd also suggest she owes you a dressage whip.

And roro's lovely woman - has anyone thought of hiding her horse in the woods??<G>

riccil0ve 09-13-2009 10:37 AM

There is no way for the horses to unlatch the stalls to get out. I know for a fact her horse can open the latch to get out to the paddock when she is in the bedded stall with the top door open, but my stalls are wood half way up and then barred on the inside, so it would be impossible for Maizy to reach the latch through the bars. And I know my friend had left the door open when they got into the hay room, because the top and bottom door weren't separated, and I'm sure Maizy couldn't figure out how to separate, much less have a reason to.

I'm also a little uncomfortable with putting locks on the doors. I'm rather paranoid about immediate evacuation, locks would make it pretty hard, lol.

AussieDaisyGirl 09-13-2009 11:46 AM

Oy I would be beyond peeved at that. Is there anyone that you can talk to about it??

riccil0ve 09-13-2009 05:02 PM

No, it's a private place, just me and her. The barn owner is really just a property owner, she just has to maintain fencing and whatnot. I doubt anything will happen again, because she was really upset about it, I just needed to vent.

QtrHorse 09-14-2009 08:39 AM

I have occasionally awoken to find a horse who had a all night party in the aisle of the stalls. Chewing on the others halters and a broom.
Luckily that is all there is. I don't allow anything in the horse barn but the above mentioned items. Everything else is kept in another barn. I hand check each stall door when I am doing a visual before retiring in the evening.
I once heard of a horse who had to have emergency stomach surgery as he had spent the night munching on the ribbons which were placed on the stall fronts and after x-rays it was determined he had ingested 3 of the metal hangers in addition to the cardboard and material. He also ate a bunch of congratulatory balloons and accompanying string.

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