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chika1235 09-13-2009 11:17 AM

halter horse running barrels???
whats the diffrence between a halter horse and a barrel horse?can a halter horse,if conditioned dailey run barrels and compete with the winners?how tall is the average barrel horse?and is it legal to show studs?

Icrazyaboutu 09-13-2009 11:41 AM

I am not sure about the stud part. It depends on where you are and I know you have to be over 18 to ride a stud in any type of barrel or gymkhana event. Or at least you do here. Size doesn't matter and I know that for sure. I ride a 12hh pony and an 18hh horse in barrels and everyone loves both of them. It all depends on the temperament of your halter horse. Some horses will not make the transition from showing to barrels. I should know. My ex horse had to be sold because he would buck every single time we went in the arena to do a course. The only thing I would be worried about with a stud would be all the mares around. They come even if they are in heat. Another thing you have to watch for is that he stays calm. There are some horses I compete against and they go crazy because they get excited or scared of running the courses. It all depends on your horse.

WSArabians 09-13-2009 08:50 PM

I think that if any horse can run barrels if it's trainable. I think the most important thing would be a good strong hip and deep set hocks so they can really get under themselves to dig themselves around the barrels.
Different events requires different conformation and I think that's the most important thing above other wins or breed.

Here, you cannot show a stallion unless you are over 18.
I would think long and hard about purchasing one. I love my boys like there's no tomorrow, but they sure can be a pain in the arse! :p

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