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cessi0909 02-05-2014 03:18 PM

Show Breeches
I bought these today in white, I will be showing Jumpers (maybe some hunters) and doing Dressage schooling shows this summer. I am completely out of the loop on what's in fashion or 'allowed' so will these in white work? My coat is black Baker by Equine Couture Women's Elite Breech, White, 32: Sports & Outdoors

equiniphile 02-05-2014 04:41 PM

I have the same ones in beige (LOVE them, btw!). Definitely okay for jumpers and local dressage, but I wouldn't go into the hunter ring with white breeches.

cessi0909 02-05-2014 07:10 PM

Thanks! That's good to know, I wasn't aware white in hunters was a no/no.

DuckDodgers 02-05-2014 08:17 PM

White is required for recognized shows, but you'd want more of a beige/tan for hunters. Beige is also good (here anyway) for non-recognized dressage shows.

Honestly, though, I'd probably go with something else for show breeches. If you're getting a white pair for recognized dressage shows then the plaid pocket would probably be covered by a coat, but if not then it wouldn't have the "classical" look. Same with schooling shows- I've always worn a nice polo or riding shirt neatly tucked into my breeches. If you go that route, then the pattern will be very noticeable. Probably not what you're going for. Personally, I would look for something of a similar style without any patterning in beige. If you decide to show in recognized dressage shows, then consider buying a separate pair of breeches. Others that have actually shown recently may have other opinions, though!

Allison Finch 02-05-2014 09:25 PM

Just make sure your coat covers those plaid pockets. Dressage, especially, is pretty conservative. The new shorter coats might not cover those "noticeable" pockets.

Solid tan would be much more appropriate for hunters.

cessi0909 02-06-2014 08:16 AM

Many thanks everyone! I am completely out of the loop in this. If it gives an idea the last time I showed hunters as a teen my breeches where rust colored. :shock:

Zexious 02-06-2014 01:37 PM

I agree with the above three posters, all of whom really know their stuff when it comes to the English world. ;)

I'm pretty traditional myself... I've only ever trained (and not shown) Dressage, but I would only wear solid white to a show.
For Hunters, definitely solid tan.

upnover 02-09-2014 05:26 PM

Technically for hunters OR jumpers white breeches are considered "Formal attire". They're supposed to be saved for Classics, Derbies, or other types of special classes. Go with beige!

Chevaux 02-09-2014 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by cessi0909 (Post 4700650)
...the last time I showed hunters as a teen my breeches where rust colored. :shock:

I've still got a pair of those:lol:

upnover 02-09-2014 06:00 PM


Originally Posted by Chevaux (Post 4725273)
I've still got a pair of those:lol:

I do too!! I actually have a really cool pair of rust breeches by Ariat that I bought a few years ago when rust was trying to come back. They're a little more "updated" with fun black piping across the leg. I get compliments EVERY TIME I wear them!

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