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nirvana 09-15-2009 06:52 PM

My Journal
I guess Ill start off with my riding history. I ride engligh and I mostly do h/j. I have been riding for 3 years, not including when I was 8 and took a months worth of lessons, but didnt get the opprtunity to start again until 12. I have ridden 16 horses, 18 if you include the 2 that I rode when I was 8. I couldnt continue when I was younger for many reasons, when I was 12 I started off at a barn for 6 months before moving to the barn I am at now. I switched because I was put into lessons with somebody below my level (the barn has a waiting list for lessons, so they try to make everybody do group lessons) so I couldnt go back to private lessons. I heard great things about the barn I am at now and I havent looked back! My performance skyrocketed at this barn! Within a few months I was riding at the level of those with a few years experience!

After riding for a year I was asked by somebody near my house if I would like to buy their horse. The lady who owned him had him trained by my instructor, so she had asked my RI if I could handle him, she thought I could. His name is Trooper, he was a 5 year old, chestnut, Quarter horse Gelding. I fell in love instantly! Even though were both green, we work really well together! We do have our ups and downs, so this and my riding lessons are what my journal are going to be about!

I bought Trooper on August 15th and we built a paddock for, him and his companion Sally the Donkey in December of that year! I will tell you more tomorow!

nirvana 09-16-2009 07:46 PM

My Horse, My Life, My Passion
Today I rode Trooper inside his padock. We didnt do anything too hard, because he is just getting over a cough. We cantered a couple times (this is his absolute favorite!), went over a cavelettie, practised backing up (I tought this to him myself), and just for fun to switch it up I put a pole over top of some tires and walked over them. I try to do something different as much as possible, because he hates doing the same thing over again.

I guess I will tell you a little bit about Trooper's personality. Like I said cantering is his utmost favorite thing to do while riding, hed rather skip everything else and just canter, this is the only thing he likes to do every time we ride. I find if I have him do the same type of thing too many days in a row he will start missbehaving. So we switch bettween bareback (occasionally me doing a couple of trick riding moves... but dot tell my mom:wink:), trail riding, jumping small jumps, and just flat work... except the land a my house isnt flat!

Overall he is a well behaved horse that is responsive to aids, espessialy verball. We do have our ups and downs for he is only 7.

When my instructor trained Trooper she didnt think he would be able to jump more than 2ft, but I am hoping that if I can find a good riding area I may try to go higher.

Sorry if this is boaring I havent done one of these, so cutos if you made it through the whole thing! I will try to keep them short and sweet.

nirvana 09-17-2009 07:58 PM

My Horse, My Life, My Passion
Since my riding lesson is tomorrow, I will tell you about the 2 horses I have been switching between at my lessons. Tallas is a 16hh buckskin. He is quite lazy, and requires a lot of leg work, but he does have a nice jump, and can do flying lead changes! His canter is reasonably smooth a bit drawn out though. Trooper treats me all too well with his smooth gaits and rolling canter! I call him the big easy chair. Anywho overall Tallas is pretty well laid back, according to my instructor he spooks a bit but he hasnít done that with me (Iíve only rode him a couple of times though).
Ok now lets go to the other end of the spectrum, Jolene is a medium sized, 6 year old, black pony, she has beautiful friendly eyes, and is extremely cute. In the riding ring its a totally different story. She is spooky, rushes, and takes advantage of your faults. She has improved so much since I started riding her though. When I first started riding her I had to ride her 20m circles in the center of the arena, because she spooked and rushed uncontrollably on the far ends. She has taught me how to truly ride! Not going too far into the 2 point and snapping right back was a lesson learnt quickly on Jolene (sheíll happily send you flying!) I am currently the only student riding her, they have tried other students, but they just cant handle her. I could go on forever about stories of Jolene, so Ill stop here before you get boared.
The reason why my instructor is switching me between 2 horses is because she doesnít want me to get too used to the same horse, and to really learn to know when to go into the 2 point and when to come out. Jolene is speedy gunzalas through jumps (sadly jumping is when sheís calmest) where Tallas it seems to take forever to get to the jump!
Anyways Sorry I wrote a novel!

nirvana 09-18-2009 05:05 PM

my horse, my life, my passion
Im soo sad my lesson was cancelled today!:cry: My instructor sprained her ankle. I have never been so sad about a lesson cancelation before. I think part of it is because all day I have been thinking about my lesson, because Im tired of school already, and its only 2nd week!

Sorry I dont have anything else to talk about... Unless you want me to complain more about school!

nirvana 09-19-2009 05:26 PM

my horse, my life, my passion
Today I rode Trooper down a rode that I havent taken him down in a LONG time, he was amasing! He was so cute and calm, a dog ran out and started barking at him and didnt bat an eyelash. Trooper is sooo good with dogs, one time a loose dog ran out and started barking, circling, and jumping at him and he didnt even care! I am soo proud of him, some days he can be a toad, and others he just blows me away! We did mostly walking, with a bit of trooting.

On the way back home we stoped and talked to a neighbour, and he stood sooo quietly for at least 10 minuets, this is the longestand best he has ever stood for me while riding! On the way home he didnt rush one bit!

Anyway, Im so proud of him, that I needed to tell you guys:D

nirvana 09-20-2009 03:45 PM

my horse, my life, my passion
I heard from my instructor today. A couple of weeks ago Gibby stepped on her foot, so she has been limping around lately, and I guess she was babysitting her granddaughter in the morning and she was helping her down steps that are very slanted, and slippery from frost and slipped and sprained her ankle! (Same foot that got stepped on)She went to the hospital and found out that Gibby broke all her toes except her big toe!
Today we rode inside the paddock. I tried the caveletie in a new spot that I had never thought of putting it until today, and it works great. Although I still think Iíll get him hoof boots so that I can do jumping in my lane way because it is much longer and flatter. Trooper behaved quite well today. I really need to get him to stand still while mounting, he has always done this and I have no idea why.
I left the stool outside of the paddock yesterday, and of course I always think of this after I get him tacked up! So I try to get on my 16hh horse from the ground as he is circling around me. Iím glad no one was there to see it! So eventually I give up and find a rock. Lordy, what a scene!:oops:

nirvana 09-21-2009 05:49 PM

Today went very well. I swear Tooper can read minds, today I decied that the goal of the day was to get him to stand still while I mounting no matter how long it takes, and he didnt budge the first time I got on him!

So we got to do other fun stuff today. I set the cavellettie up in the new spot and put a make-shift jump where I normally put the cavelletie. He was very good going over them both the whole time. Im surprised he didnt demand to canter over the new jump, it was the same hight as a cavellettie, but wider! When I put the cavelletie over there he demanded to canter over it!

So all in all a very good day. Now I really need to make some higher jumps.

nirvana 09-22-2009 05:15 PM

I didnt ride Trooper oday for many reasons
a) Rode 3 days so he needs a break
b) looked like it might rain
c)LOADS of homework (should be working on it now, but too lazy!)
d) helped my dad install a new gate

I noticed the other day that I havent really describe Sally to you.
So start off with she is a donkey, so she can be pretty stubborn, but she is better than most donkeys. She is mostly black except under her belly, eyes, and muzzle.She really is quite cute, the vet said shes in great shape for a donkey that gets no exersise and free choice hay.

She is a very loyal and protective companion for Trooper. It's also her goal in life to make me mad! She loves to get in the way, escape, and anyother thing to drive me up the wall! :-xI have to tie her up when I ride inside the paddock because she gets jealous and runs up behind us, nips him, tries to mount him (yes she does try to do the man's jop. Trooper doesnt like her the way she likes him!:wink:), buck and rears. Its a wonder he doest go ballistic when she does this (thast how good of a boy he is). when we ride outside the paddock she goes CRAZY, and makes her weired "call sounds". she makes this sound when she wants food, trooper, is happy or upset.

Well thats it for now! (That was longer than I thought it would)

nirvana 09-23-2009 08:36 PM

It was rainng again today so I didnt get to ride :-( So instead I went hunting for junk to use as jumps. I measured some lawn chairs and with logs theyll be about 2ft. I also found something that if I can find something to hold it up it will make a great 2ft2 wall. I also found some scrap wood that will work perfectly to make standards, so I guess my hunt was pretty successful.

Im pretty sure I have a lesson this week so... Yeppy!

nirvana 09-24-2009 08:33 PM

Today I got an emergency babysitting call so I rode bareback to save time. We did what I call a ground oxer, its oxer width but just poles on the ground. we practised walk, trot, halt, and backup transitions. I practised 2-point and posting trot. And I did the around the world, neeling, and sat completely sidewasy. at the end he started pulling his head so he had to have a little lesson carrying his head but overall a great ride

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