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APHA MOMMA 09-15-2009 11:38 PM

Bad news then good news.
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Okay, so not many know or knew but I was pregnant, well I am supposed to be 11 weeks and 5 days along today. We starting on Friday night I started spotting, then gradually got worse. Went to the ER on Sunday night because I just HAD to know. Well the Dr couldn't find a heartbeat and she said the baby isn't the size it should be so then she scheduled me for Monday with my OB Dr.

Well he told me that the fetus had died in utero and pretty much hasn't been growing or active since most likely 8 weeks along. :cry: He scheduled me today for surgery, just a D&C so I wouldn't get an infection. I have been heart broken all weekend knowing the outcome wouldn't be good and it has been very emotional for me because my husband and I have tried for 1 1/2 yrs to get pregnant with our 2nd child and then this happens. Well, you can bet once I am better we will be trying again for sure. WELL that was the bad news.

The good news is that well, when I got out of recovery, my husband surprised me with a new horse!! He knew I was looking at this filly for a while (before we knew all this going on), he never really paid much attention to her, but I guess when I was in surgery, he left the hospital, went to the woman's house and bought the filly for me and had her home in our front yard (to make sure I saw her, lol) so when he brought me home, you can be sure I was in tears!! My husband is the sweetest man EVER!!!

I mean, it won't undue what happened, but I know he was just trying to cheer me up a bit and give me hope. Okay so more about the filly.

Her registered name is Skootin Poka Dox and she is APHA (Perlino)
All Breed Pedigree Query=

I LOVE her, I never thought I would like Perlino's but she is GORGEOUS!!! Her mane goes past her neck and she reminds me of this mystical unicorn. They dind't have a barn name for her so I have to think of some names. She was 2 in May of this year. She is very very mellow and is NOT dominant around my gelding at all which is AWESOME because he loves other horses and I can't stand bossy horses, haha.

Okay so I will attach some photos of her from what they gave me, but I will try and take better pictures tomorrow of her and of course so you can see them bigger. The last picture I am attaching is of her sire. Apparently she is very nicely cow bred and her sire is a straight up cutting horse which is nice. I am just soo excited to start working with her on her ground work, which by the way she is great at lunging and the saddle. Once I am not cramping or bleeding anymore, I will get out there and start working with both my horses.

Sorry for the long story but it was just special to me how she came into our family and I just had to share.

Thatgirlsacowboy 09-15-2009 11:56 PM

Im so, so, so sorry for your loss... I really want to say that I know how you feel to offer some sort of comfort, but I honestly don't. I am, however, quite knowing of the "helpless, I can't help my friend..." feeling as my best friend lost two babies as well and I all I could really do was hug and hold her.

I would wrap you in a big hug if I could. -HUUUUUUGSSSSS- We're not that far, just close your eyes and pretend it's real!!! lol. HALF OF CALIFORNIA SHAAL NOT SEEEPERRRAAAATE UUUUSSS!!!

The filly is absolutely gorgeous! I love cremellos/perlinos, whatever they are! She is amazingly pretty! She would look amazing in blue, or orange!!! My favorite color. lol.

You could always call her Dot... But she looks, to me, like a Sonny. I don't know why I liked that name. It was one of the names I had on stand by for Cricket, but it never fit her.

I love her butt!!! Give it a great big hug for me! I'm a butt hugger. Now you have two gorgeously colored horses.

Take lots of pictures!!!


APHA MOMMA 09-16-2009 12:06 AM

Thank you sooo much for your comforting words. Yes, I will close my eyes and cherish the hug!! My hubby said the lady walked her out with a beautiful baby blue rope halter and he said that looked so beautiful on her and matched her eyes to the tee!!

Yes I LOVE her butt, I was out earlier with her brushing her gorgeous mane and tail!! The last picture is of her sire and I really hope she gets a nice build like him, lol. She is sooo sweet. I really like the name Sonny, well I am gonna make a list of names I like, then I will have our 2 yr old daughter say them and see which one she likes and what sounds cute coming out of her mouth, lol. The way she says Scout (our gelding's name) is just way to precious!! :)

APHA MOMMA 09-16-2009 12:58 AM

Okay, so my husband thought of a beautiful name for our new perlino filly. He said that in such sad times it seems our spirits have brightened when this filly came along which is like an angel sent down to comfort us in emotional times. She is very angelic so we are going to call her "Halo". I know it sounds silly but there is good reason behind the name which is all that matters. I think it suites her beautifully. :)

DisneyCowgirl1901 09-16-2009 01:13 AM

I am so sorry for your loss. I DO know exactly how you feel. But I am so glad you introduced a new family member into your hearts. I absolutely LOVE the name Halo! It suits her!

APHA MOMMA 09-16-2009 01:25 AM

Thank you, yes we think the name Halo suits her very well. She sure is a blessing. I can't wait to heal a little so we can start again on trying to add a new (human) addition to our family. :) I know things happen for a reason, it was just hard, I was already soo attached. I don't know what I would do without my husband here to support me.

AussieDaisyGirl 09-16-2009 02:34 AM

I'm so very sorry for your loss. Sadly I know exactly how you feel right now. I hope and pray that you will have a healthy little baby soon!

That was so awesome of your husband! And such a beautiful name!

If you ever need to talk I'm just a pm away

APHA MOMMA 09-16-2009 11:05 AM

Thanks y'all for all your very kind words, it feels great to have a 2nd family here even though I am still sort of new. I will try and get some pictures up of Halo today, that is if I can find my darn camera.

mls 09-16-2009 11:14 AM

I am so sorry for your loss.

Congrats on the filly and kudos to your wonderful husband.

Thatgirlsacowboy 09-16-2009 07:07 PM

Halo sounds perfect for her!!

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