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DuffyDuck 02-10-2014 09:25 AM

Tramadol and Diazepam= wiped. Miserable!
My old shoulder injury (dislocation of shoulder, AC and fracture of humerus) is acting up again.

I've always had issues now and again that take a few rounds of physio and ibruprofen and a week to ten days and I'm good to go.

Four weeks yesterday, I was riding my lease horse. Nice medium canter, and he pulled his head right between his legs. My upper body twisted and went with him. If I'd have tumbled off, I wouldn't have done as much damage, but I clung on and got my seat back. Knew something wasn't right. Rode a couple more rounds and got off.

Saw the doc, who knew of the history. Didn't look at the shoulder. He prescribed ibruprofen 600's and as I told him co-codamol makes me ill, he prescribed me 8/500s. I was only on them for 7 days before serious sickness. He then prescribed tramadol. 100mg three times a day with ibruprofen.

Saw physio two weeks later, who couldn't tell much as I was high as a kite. The tramadol is great, and was keeping me super hyped up.
Next time I saw her was a week and a half later, but the day ebfore had some weird reaction and stopped taking it to see her the next day. I woke up in agony, threw up twice before the appointment through the pain in my head, neck shoulder and back. She is very concerned, and booked me in to the doc who can send me for an MRI.

The guy is a complete butt, said because I had an MRI in 2008 there can't be that much difference.. no.. I just make it up!! So I have an MRI on the 20th. She reckons I have ruined my labram, and it may end up as an Op.

I am currently on 100mg Tramadol and 2mg Diazepam three times a day. I am sat in work and practically falling asleep. I can't concentrate on anything. If I couldn't touch type, this wouldn't be happening as my eyes keep closing on their own.

Does anyone else have experience with these medications, or the shoulder problem?? Expected to not be on a horse before summer, can't run or workout either. Its getting more than a bit depressing ):

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frlsgirl 02-10-2014 09:45 AM

Tramadol can really mess with you especially if you miss a dose or try to discontinue it. It put me in this really strange state of mind - energy, focus, jitters, couldn't sleep at night, euphoria.

I ended up taking it for two years because my body was so dependent on it. I had to work with a compounding pharmacy to slowly reduce the dose, otherwise I would get really sick.

I'm not familiar with the other medication.

Dreamcatcher Arabians 02-10-2014 10:10 AM

Diazepam = Valium, will make you very sleepy. Try cutting the dose in half and see if that still works without making you flat. Not familiar with tramadol, I've never taken it.

I'm very familiar with shoulder surgery, all 4 of the tendons that make up the rotator cuff and my labrum were shredded and are now held in place by titanium screws and pins. Kind of like you, I had a prior history of injury to the joint and tendons, and a horse knocked me down and I landed hard on the arm which basically finished the destruction. I tried physical therapy for a while but when my arm started to just fall out of the socket, it was time for surgery.

The labrum is soft tissue that lines the glenoid and can be torn and starts catching when the shoulder is moved and causes a lot of pain and destabilization of the joint. The rotator cuff holds everything in place and when you tear it up enough, then your arm/shoulder starts spontaneously dislocating. Hurts like H*LL!

The surgery is no piece of cake but compared to the pain you're in now, it's a whole lot better after the surgery. Have the anesthetist give you a "block", it will help with post op pain quite a bit, if you decide to have the surgery. Ice packs are your best friend post op.

Just remember that, as good as it will feel once it's fixed, it's never as good as it was brand new. If it's your dominant arm (and that's the most common), remember you'll have to be fairly careful from now on or you can re-injure it. It's been close to 10 years since I had my surgery, and from having horses yank on me, I'm having some problems and may have to go back to see the ortho doc again if it gets any worse.

DuffyDuck 02-10-2014 10:38 AM

I had to come off the tramadol last tuesday. I won't go in to details, but it messed with me big time. I was also having the feelings of euphoria, great moods, sleeping 4hrs and coping absolutely fine on it all.. and then Tuesday I think my body just went WOAH ENOUGH.

The 24hrs I stopped taking it to show the physio how much pain I was in was dreadful, and I'd only been on it two weeks. I apologised to her, saying I was feeling clammy and sweaty.. she asked what I had been on etc and said its completely normal, and that it was my bodie's witrdrawal symptoms.

I just had to lock myself in my office for twenty minutes, conked out completely and woken up feeling better, but still exhausted.

I can't take a lower dose of diazepam, unfortunately. The muscle spasm in my neck and shoulder is so severe, that nothing else is helping. He was considering putting me on a higher dose. I said I'm high as a kite as it is, I don't need more kookie tablets.

Tramadol can also make you sleepy, or give you the euphoria feeling. I think now two are combined that it has just knocked my for six.

Physio believes I dislocated it again when the horse pulled me. The MRI in 2008 showed fluid, and that the muscle and tendon repair was 'normal' for that thype of injury. Naturally I will never have full range of movement.

Currently, with thumbs forward, I can get my arm to 90o and that is it. It's all muscle related. If I lie down and relax, the physio can take my arm over my head. The pain reaches through my shoulder blade, through the joint, over the top, armpit and down under my arm to my elbow.

She believes severe tendonitis, and damage to the labram...bankart lesion? All I know is that minus the wonderful painkillers, I am a complete cripple. I can deal with pain, but it literally has me in tears.

Unfortunately, she can't test as she would because I am in so much pain, and if I am on the painkillers I can't feel it.. so its just a case of waiting for the MRI.

I had it pinned when I had the accident for eight months, I am just very much hoping they don't have to operate again as it puts future plans of the army completely out of the picture for me.

Better to get it fixed now than wait ):

Dreamcatcher, thank you for all the info. I will let you know if it comes to the op. Not scared of it, just pretty miserable that I am stuck not being able to do anything right now. I can't run, workout and most of all I can't ride.

franknbeans 02-10-2014 10:39 AM

Reading this with great interest……my surgery is scheduled for a couple of weeks. Not looking forward to it for sure….nor am I looking forward to not being able to ride once the weather gets warm. But-if I don't get it fixed-pretty much riding bridle less and bareback, as my right arm is pretty useless. Mine is labrum as well as a bone spur, and has also been gong on for years, off and on. We can get through this together, Duffy! I really do not take much for pain-some non-steroidals, but I would rather be in pain than puke from the meds.

Stocking up on ice packs,(i.e. frozen peas and corn) will remember to ask for the block….I remember my doc did that when I had a wrist surgery and it DID help. I am also looking into herbals that help keep inflammation down…..I have taken then with previous surgeries and I think they help. Arnica is one, but last year I took something else-just little brown caps the MD handed me….so will need to find out what those were for this surgery (different doc).

OutOfTheLoop 02-10-2014 10:52 AM

I take tramadol daily for joint pain. Ive been taking it regular now for about six months.I call them my happy pills. I do manage on about 4-5 hours of sleep per night, never thought it could be due to the meds.
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OutOfTheLoop 02-10-2014 10:54 AM

I took diazepam once, and I was lethargic for two days and i said never again. It was awful. I don't have any advice, just can offer my condolences on the drug end as I know how it is.
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~*~anebel~*~ 02-10-2014 11:12 AM

One of my students was on diazepam recently - made her totally loopy lol. Not sleepy at all though...

Hoping you feel better soon there miss! And that you don't have to wait for eons to get surgery and everything done. If so, I have a stapler and some rum, I'll just fly over and we can fix it LOL.
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DuffyDuck 02-11-2014 03:01 AM

Oh FnB! That sounds so painful!! Please keep in touch with me? I will PM you, I am really interested to see how it goes and what they do (if you don't mind sharing!) so I can prep myself. The OP doesn't worry me, I've had two on my shoulder and appenicitis. So if it comes to that, it comes to that.
What is a block??
German's are MASSIVELY in to their homeopathic stuff, and arnica helps with bruising and swelling which would make sense. I use it on me and the horses :) Diazepam is supposed to stop you being depressed too, but not being able to ride is making me feel all pathetic and sad. Got in to work this morning, and was making my coffee and ran to the toilet.. I was about to burst in to tears because I didn't say goodbye to Rufus, my dog, this morning on my way out to work?! Bizzare.

OutOfTheLoop, I can only put it down to the pills. I normally sleep 7+ hours to be alive the next day. But the tramadol keeps me up, and wakes me up in the night. My ears ring too, and I have pretty bizzare dreams at times. But I find myself extremely pro-active when I take them with coffee! Minus the diazepam, of course. I had Burn's night (Scottish thing) in our mess a couple of weeks ago.. and had two glasses of wine... felt great!!! Though I would, of course, never recommend drinking on medication...

Anebel, my lovely, I like the idea of rum and staples!! I'm not loopy on it. I am a bit slow. My words come out a bit jumbled, and I fell in to the fridge door last night when I was stood still! I am just exhausted and feel like I am running through glue. Funnily enough I went to the gym last night and did 20mins on the cross trainer, and twenty mins on a sitting bike thing.. and when I got home felt great and sorted my pig sty of a room out!


franknbeans 02-11-2014 06:30 AM

Personally, I took Valium (Diazepam) ONCE for a back injury years ago. Took 1/2 a tablet and was almost comatose for hours. I am not sure why they have you on it, unless you are having lots of muscle spasms? It also is known for working the opposite on some folks-sort of like ACE works opposite sometimes. Just to be aware of. I have had enough surgeries that I normally am not at all nervous….except the last one was AWFUL, unfortunately, so I am a bit freaked out this time.
I have messaged my last surgeon to see what the homeopathic capsules were and will let you know when I find out, otherwise, arnica it will be pre and post op. A block is actually a nerve block done during the surgery using a local anesthesia right on the surgical site and it lasts for hours after the surgery and really helps with the initial pain. That way you wake up from the anesthesia and are not all of a sudden "OMG!!!!"… at least wake up and it comes on more gradually, giving you a chance to take something and get ahead of the pain. The key to pain control is to keep taking the med…..not let it wear off so that the pain gets bad, at least initially postop. Keeping up with it also controls the anxiety regarding the onset of the pain, which as a key component of the pain cycle. Starting to sound too much like a nurse here……..but it works.

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