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EventingIsLovee 09-17-2009 08:30 PM

Dressage Phase Apparel
In sanctioned events, do the riders have to wear white breeches for dressage? I checked in the USEA rules for eventing, but I can't find where it tells you about apparel.

equineeventer3390 09-17-2009 09:10 PM

No you don't have to wear white. Either white or a beige is fine. If your going to a championship, or a 1*, or higher I would wear white because it looks nicer but its not required.

eventnwithwinston 09-17-2009 09:46 PM

There are two ways you can dress for a show of your level.
Formal or Informal.

If you wear white breeches or a black solid coat... you are supposed to go formal. Beige and tan are informal as well as charcoal and red jackets. Navy jackets can go either way-- formal or informal.

Choose whats best for you ;)
Good Luck! E

eventerdrew 09-17-2009 09:53 PM

No, you do not have to wear white breeches for dressage. I know many people who do, but I personally prefer the beige because it shows less dirt, especially if you have just cleaned your saddle.

Beige is not informal at all. You can look classy and elegant while wearing your show coat and beige breeches. However, I would not recommend wearing any other color besides white or beige. THAT looks informal. I wear my NAVY coat with my BEIGE breeches and I have always gotten comments at USEA recognized events on how nice I look with my bay horse.

On XC, anything goes.

MIEventer 09-17-2009 09:57 PM


For Dressage, either Beige or White Breeches/Tights. Black or Navy Blue jacket.

When you get to mid to upper levels - definately white breeches with a shadebelly - but as to what has already been mentioned, is great for us lower level competators.

EventingIsLovee 09-17-2009 10:52 PM

Thank you everyone! I have been competing for awhile, I just wasn't sure about the breeches for dressage at sanctioned events. But that really helped thanks again!

StormyBlues 09-20-2009 12:17 PM

My whole team ususally wears white in Dressage. Our trainer is always straining the fact of looking our best at every show. I have a black coat, white sirt, stock tie, white breeches, and my tall boots and velvet helmet. I also wear leather gloves. Good luck with all the shows!:D

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