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SeabiscuitMustang 09-18-2009 01:21 PM

Small Farm
I'm single (divorced) and prefer to remain as such, with exception of my horse and pets. After I divorced, I purchased my own home in a family neighborhood and 3 years later bought my horse and board him about 12 miles away.

However, now I'd prefer to be at the barn; yet, my house pets need me as much as I think my horse needs me (really, I need him more!). Mowing and edging my lawn 1X weekly takes about 4 hours (I'm somewhat a perfectionist when it comes to my lawn). Yet, I'd rather be at the barn! I visit/ride my horse Sat, Sun, Tue, Thur, depending upon the weather and time off. Therefore, I visit with him 4 times weekly. Traveling between my home and stable is time consuming.

I've often thought that I'd like to purchase land near riding trails in 'hunt country' and hopefully build a barn with living quarters, stalls, tack/feed room, and hay storage all under one roof.

Currently, my drive to/from work is 44 miles round trip. Should I eventually move to 'hunt country' it would be 84 miles round trip. Thus, currently work/stable mileage o/a 320 miles per week. Moving out towards 'hunt country' would total o/a 420 miles per week. Yet, I'd see my horse everyday.

Of course, I could look for land w/in a 25 mile radius of work, but horse trails are disappearing due to the 'concrete jungle' and housing developments. Also, I'd just like to ride out of my yard to trails, rather than ride in an arena or trailer the horse(s) several miles to trails. Which is what we (at the stables) do now. At present, we trailer the horses to 500 about 5 miles away (shopping centers and housing developments have hindered the trail connector via horse) or 30 miles away to hunt country.

I like my stable and the comraderie, which is a pro for boarding. Not to mention security, safety, and knowing you can leave town and not worry about your horse.

But, I will never sell my horse, we will retire together, and I'd like another horse in about 8 years as my current trail horse ages.

Thus, I ask if any of you single folk have gone out on your own and run a small farm, the pros/cons, challenges, etc.

I'd really appreciate ya'lls insight.

SeabiscuitMustang 09-18-2009 03:36 PM

Oh dear, I've left out a few other pros/cons, those being:

Living further out would cause more worry for having to be further from horse during business hours (i.e., injuries, indoor pet needs, etc.);

Looking for land in my vicinity would be much more economical; yet would need a horse trailer to get to trails. I don't have a problem towing horse trailer, which offers versatility to different locations, I just get nervous hooking up the trailer alone and worry about accidents. Also, don't have anyone to teach me how to hookup. I imagine the vendor I purchase from could assist.

Also, I have a terminally parent and the other may want me to live them should something happen, that would be an added stressor.

Of course, I could continue to board, and buy a patio home or townhouse with little yard work and spend more time at the stable and more quality time with my horse.

Of course, the 1st thing to do would be to sell my current home -- and with today's economy, that could take a year or so!

I apologize for this long inquiry! Yet, again, I would appreciate ya'lls input.

ponyboy 09-18-2009 08:35 PM


Originally Posted by SeabiscuitMustang (Post 405950)
Thus, I ask if any of you single folk have gone out on your own and run a small farm, the pros/cons, challenges, etc.

Being a loner myself I can sympathize, but I would never try it. There's just too much that could go wrong. I would only get my own farm if I had the money to build a separate apartment to rent out to another horse owner.

SeabiscuitMustang 09-23-2009 03:05 PM

Anyone single that does own private property and keep horses at home rather than board? Thanks!

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