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BluMagic 10-01-2007 07:12 PM

Here it is: BLU'S STORY!!! Finally, right here...
Okay, everyone before I begin I want everyone to now that, in my opinion, this is long and hard. And, I want to know everyone's feelings, critiques, and opinions! Alright, here we go(in the beginning):

In June of 2006, I was at the Pioneer Days Rodeo. I was paart of the Drill Team on one of my (ex)best friend's two horses, Buddy, a 15.2hh appaloosa gelding. After the opening drill my (ex)best friend and her family left with the horses. I was at the consession stand reading some flyers. I saw one from a woman named Rene about two mares and one of them had a foal. The flyer also mentioned other horses available. I asked my mom if I could call just to get more info. I did and Rene told me she had a gelding perfect for the 4-H job. Rene is a horse trader, that's why she had so many available.

Anyways, my mom, my (ex)best friend's mom, and I went to Rene's to look at the horse she described as perfect. When i got there, Blu, whom was not Blu at the time, was standing tied to a post. He looked HORRIBLE. He was SEVERELY underweight and obviously abused. He had whip scars all over his hindquarters and some are still visible today. He was way head shy, too. I say on Blu's bony back :-) to ride him. I felt such a connection!! It was unbelievable. When we left I begged my mom for more consideration. I instantly fell in love with that big, white gelding not only because of his story but because of his heart.

Two days later we came again. I had a nice grooming session alone with Blu while my mom and Bonnie, my (ex)best friend's mom, talked with Rene. That was the day that I realized everything...I came here for a reason...and that reason was to help Blu as I helped myself along the way. That weekend my mom told me we were going to buy Blu. He was a little pricy at $900 but you can never put a price on your new best friend. It was and still is hard for us to afford Blu, but my mom knew I needed a horse and I wanted Blu. I'll love my mom forever for that! I got to ride Blu to the fairgrounds the day we bought him. From there I realized how tough it was going to be. Blu had obviously never heard the words: STOP, SIDE-PASS, BACK UP, ETC. But he knew GO very well.

After trying long and hard to teach Blu everything he needed to know, it got a little easier. I will never be able to tell his story to the exact point. We know nothing about where he came from or what he went through. Only bits and pieces. When Blu went out to pasture for the colder months, I didn't get to ride him much at all. Maybe twice every two weeks. And boy did I regret it. When we brought him back to the fairgrounds it was disastrous. He was very naughty! I took him for a ride out at the 4-H arena later that week with my (ex)best friend. He tried to buck me off. That's when I realized that 16.1hh buck REALLY hard. I flew out of my saddle about three feet in the air. I fell back down right on the horn! OUCH...I kicked Blu hard in his gut to keep him moving so he couldn't buck. Then he reared! He found something opposite to do for everything.

I got a firmer hand on him after that. And he knew it wasn't fun and games anymore. We were seious now. It was 4-H time. Teaching Blu to race is something I regret and don't today. He gets rowdy on the track. He can go pretty fast but after his recent fall, it gets kinda scary. Well, I am kinda tierd of typing right now so if there is ANYTHING anyoone else wants to know please do ask. :-) Thanks guys...

Vidaloco 10-01-2007 07:59 PM

Is that Blu in the avitar picture? if it is WHAT A MANE :!: He is beautiful. He looks in much better health than what you discribed when you first saw him. Keep working on his attitude and I think he will do well. My Vida didn't know whoa when I first got her either and hadn't been ridden in over a year. We did a lot of one rein stops and I finally have her where I can just say whoa and she stops. We are working on her side passes now. Good luck with Blu :)

BluMagic 10-01-2007 08:27 PM

No, that's not Boo. He is big and white! lol. I would like to have a horse that looked just like that Mustang though! I'm loving that mane, too!!! I think that's beautiful! Blu has a long, thinish mane. And he's taller. :wink:

moonflame994 10-01-2007 08:31 PM

Re: Here it is: BLU'S STORY!!! Finally, right here...
thanks for posting this for me and all the other people on the forum how nice of you!!! :D :D

BluMagic 10-01-2007 08:42 PM

Of course! I haven't told Blu's story for a long time. It was kinda weird thinking of it again. On a scale of one to ten he was like point five. He was terrible and I am suprised that it hasn't scarred him big time, you know? Like I know he remembers. He's not too sure about men. What does that tell you? He's a generally calm, non-spooky horse. When I got him he wasn't afraid of anything. Today I can stand up on his saddle while he's walking but preferably standing still. :-) I can lay under his belly. I can sit on his hindquarters and slide off. I can sit on his neck. And I am the only one that can usually do these things. He is so trusting. I really love Boo!

Xanadu 10-02-2007 01:34 PM

We have a dog named Blue and we also call him Boo.

Thank goodness you came along to rescue Blu. Good for you. (okay, didn't mean to make a rhyme)

Neat story.

~MavvyMyBeauty 10-02-2007 01:51 PM

Aww, that's a sad story. It's great you've got him now.

My pony was terrified when we got him, he wouldn't come near me for weeks. When I had gained his trust I did loads of groundwork with him because he was so sensitive to everything. When I started riding him he would shoot off from the tiniest movement of my leg and he would always be trying to run off. He was so spooky too, I fell off many times but i'm a much better rider for it! I remember taking him out for a walk in hand and he was so scared at being alone he reared up and it gave me such a fright.

He's amazing now though, he's so much calmer and he follows me everywhere. He's so friendly now and instead of retreating to the back of his stable he always comes to the door. It's such a great feeling seeing him so happy. =]. He still freaks out at things occasionally though. It was a pretty steep learning curve though as he was my first pony. :lol:

Sorry that was a bit long .. good for you if you actually read all that. :lol:

BluMagic 10-02-2007 06:33 PM

We think that maybe Boo was taken off of the Reservation here. I don't think the Navajos here treat there horses very well but that's not my place to judge. And I do apologize. Boo wouldn't be the first horse I've seen abused off of the Res...........Thanks guys! Mavvy...ya I read it! lol. Boo used to be real touchy, too. I would shift by weight and he would be off. Xanadu, your rhyme was cool, hehe! We think Blu might have Tiger Horse somewhere in there. Check out his pics from the rodeo...let me search for them. I don't remember what I but them as! :lol: But here are some Tiger Horses...
This last one really made me think......any ideas, suggestions, opinions??? Thanks again...

BluMagic 10-02-2007 06:37 PM

Here's the link:

I personally don't think these look like Blu much and I don't like them but I wanted to use them here to show you his colors and stuff. They aren't too visible so please bare with me! :oops:

accphotography 10-04-2007 11:11 PM

Reservation? White? Looks like a Tiger Horse?... obvious answer...

Your Blu is a fewspot Appaloosa and a very nice one at that. Probably foundation bred too.


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