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skipsangelheir 02-12-2014 03:14 PM

I love bits.
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I have a problem. I have 13 bits and only 1 horse. I just cant pass them up when I see one I want;)
my favorite is the medium arch hinged bit(link), but my mare seems to like the smoothed chain the best.
My dad found the full cheek, the refinement spoon and the Kelly low port when he was mowing the showground, so I got them:)(links).
I just got two yesterday, tge grey loose ring and the Argentine dogbone.
I have never used the twisted on my horse, though my friend borrowed it and liked it quite a bit.
the offset d was my first bit, and my mare made it obvious she doesn't like single jointed bits so I got the loose ring dogbone to use in its place:)
Angel really seems to like her eggbut french link snaffle no more or less than the others, but the cheeks squeak so she likes to move her tongue around to hear it lol.
The longer spanked Jr cowhorse with the copper rings is a bit i like a lot for no particular reason, I just think its pretty and angel does well in it lol.
And last I have a little s hack that I use since its winter and I dont think angel would like it if I put a bit in her mouth and it stuck to her tongue!! Reinsman SS Little S Hackamore -
Western SS Med Arch Roller Hinged Futurity Bit -
Tough-1 Kelly Silver Low Port Show Bit -
Reinsman Spoon Long Shank Cutter Bit -
Westen SS Dogbone Copper Ring O-Ring Bit -

boots 02-12-2014 07:16 PM

So, are you wondering if you need more horses? :)

Northernstar 02-12-2014 07:18 PM

Sorry, but what the heck?

bsms 02-12-2014 07:19 PM

I sneak a new bit home in the trunk of my car, and unload it in the dead of night. Then I remove one bit from our tack room and place it in a box in the garage. All so my wife won't know how many bits I've bought...:twisted:

DissolvedInk 02-12-2014 08:10 PM

I have a problem with reins
theres just so many pretty designs and stuff!
Hey i mean now you're always prepared for whatever you need to do for training right? :P

JustDressageIt 02-12-2014 08:15 PM

Only 13? Pfft - amateur ;)
I have a drawer full and then some. Lots of bits. I figure why not? May need them all at some point for some horse or another. (Un)Fortunately, that's the argument that I use to hang on to all of my tack. I went through all my stuff the other week, and came away with all of 3 items to sell. And then I talked myself out of 2 of them. Sigh.

MyBoySi 02-12-2014 08:52 PM

It's headstalls for me, I have 16 and one personal riding horse although we technically have 6 horses all together....every horse of the six has a headstall or two except mine who had 16 lol...

COWCHICK77 02-12-2014 09:18 PM

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Me likes bits too!

Roperchick 02-12-2014 09:27 PM

Halters....and nosebands lol. Oh and boots
You can never have too many (that's a lie but makes me feel better lol)

AnrewPL 02-12-2014 09:35 PM


Originally Posted by COWCHICK77 (Post 4752914)
Me likes bits too!

god ****, I could hang out at your house and drool all over that stuff for a month.

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