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iridehorses 09-20-2009 08:25 AM

FireFox & fingerprint log on / Spell checker
When I upgraded to the new version of FireFox, it no longer recognizes my fingerprint log on or spell checker. I can't seem to find a plug in or get a response from FireFox. Anyone else with that problem?

Fire Eyes 09-21-2009 08:36 AM

I have the new FireFox and I've had no problems. :|

Jehanzeb 09-27-2009 03:27 AM


Firstly I could not believe all of my text went into thin air without any notification! aaah! (sigh).

Anyhow, Could you please let us know which version of Firefox was finger print logon was working? I suspect it was version 2.0.

The reason is this link :

the above link shows that the fingerprint logon only work from version 1 to 2.0 of Firefox.

The spell checker depends on which spell checker addon were you using? English version? Tamil version etc... Also the name of the addon would help us to pin point the version compatibility.

Usually the compatibility is given if you click on the addon detail option.

This is the link of spell checker which works with Version 3.5

Could you please let us know the version numbers and perhaps the names of the exact addons for us to find out the solution for you?


iridehorses 09-27-2009 06:24 AM

Good morning Jehanzeb. I have version 3.5.3 of FireFox and just downloaded the new add-on for spell checker. The misspelled words are underlined but I can't access the spell checker to correct them. I right click and nothing happens nor is there a button in the upper right corner to access spell checker.

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