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DappledSilver 10-02-2007 09:53 PM

Bareback Riding
(Sorry if I put this topic in the wrong spot, I didn't know where else)...

Can anyone here ride bareback (trot and canter, maybe even jump)? I want to learn to ride bareback, to improve my balance, and it's seems like a fun thing to aim for... just walking bareback is kinda scary for me. xD What are some tips?

3days3ways 10-03-2007 12:04 AM

i defff ride/jump bareback lol so fun!!!

basically if youre trying to gain confidence while riding bareback, make sure youre on a horse you really trust and start in a smaller enclosed ring with someone watching you to help you. remember to sit up and not hunch forward, and to not push yourself if you do not feel safe. remember- riding is about fun!!! riding bareback is a great way to improve your balance and bond with your horse :D and im glad you want to do this

la-who-ooo-zer 10-03-2007 07:21 PM

Don't grip with your calves, it delvops a bad habbit in the saddle. Push your heels down as if you were in a saddle. To have a good grip, I suggest some jeans with a good grip. Some jeans I slide right off with, others help me stick to the saddle. I'm not much help, but these are some things to consider.

giget 10-04-2007 03:57 AM

i agree with la-who-ooo-za was was showing off and went over a fence about 2 ft ( lol it seemed big bare back) and was wearing my jods and slid off the side to land on my butt :oops: some horses are better suited to riding bareback. rounder wider backed horses are easier to ride on the slim narrow horses also a horse with a very comfortable balaced gait are good. grabbing hold of the mane is always a good idea if ur scared

jazzyrider 10-04-2007 06:54 AM

riding bareback is a truly bonding kind of experience. you feel your horse, how he moves and you can become 'one' with your horse as you feel everything right down to the muscles moving in his back.

now the poetry is over :) keep the same seat you use in your saddle. the dynamics work the same as riding in a saddle. most of all, relax. dont tense up or you will have a harder time staying steady. walk, trot and canter are the same principle. give your aid, keep your seat and "ride with your horse".

go slow though and dont push your own bounds. if you are feeling off balance and like nothing is working, dont continue that day. every rider has bad days and days when things are just, off. when you are confident at a walk, trot, canter AND turning AND any side ways movements, try your jumping. if you are a confident saddle jumper, you should have a solid base for jumping bare back. i would still recommend either trotting poles or very small jumps for the first time.

you will get the odd person that says 'dont hold onto the mane for balance' or 'dont grip with your knees'. but if you need to hold some mane, do it. if you need a grip with your knees (while still maintaining correct leg position), then do so. having said that, i would hope that you wouldnt be jumping until you were 100% confident with what you were doing.

i find bareback amazing on so many levels. anybody who can master riding in the saddle can master riding bareback. you wll come across some people that claim to be 'the best at bareback' or 'the queen/king of bareback'. this in reality can be anyone. all it takes is practice. i have always done anything bareback that i do in a saddle. (since i was about 6 which was...bugger, 22 years ago lol) i jump, charge up hills, gallop around the lake...anything you can do in a saddle, you can do bareback. just remember that, obviously, you dont have the same security as when you have stirrups and a saddle. this however can change once you practice practice practice and feel completely comfortable in his/her back.

go out and have a blast. like others, i love hearing people wanting to ride bareback. you will be surprised at the different things that come from riding bareback. most of all, you can feel more at one with the horse.

enjoy!!! :)

BluMagic 10-04-2007 06:28 PM

I ride bareback all the time. Even in shows! We have Bareback Equitation classes. I've jumped bareback and I don't like it with the way Boo jumps! lol. I suggest that you don't squeeze with your feet. I tend to use my knees to hand on at faster speeds. When walking and trotting I just relax my body and feet with my heels down. The trick, I think, is not to tense up. That causes you to fall off balance....
:oops: Hope this helped some!

alucard 10-04-2007 06:56 PM

I agree with everyone about keeping your seat while riding bareback. And about sliding off too! You can take the stirrups off your saddle to start, if you don't want to jump right into it and get scared. My fav thing to do is go swimming bareback with my mare. She loves it, splashing around and playing in the water. I've also jumped barrels (lying down) bareback too, and it's pretty scary @ first, but it gets easier I think, esp if you and your horse trust each other. Just start out slow and work your way up.

Bareback is def a skill acquired!

DappledSilver 10-04-2007 07:28 PM

Thankyou everyone. =] Great tips there. I'm going bareback riding this morning.

BluMagic 10-04-2007 07:29 PM

Alright! :-) Be careful and safe. Don't rush. Take your time....Good Luck! let us know how it goes...

DappledSilver 10-05-2007 02:17 AM

Omg, it's easier than I thought! :D I did trot, but I'm not ready to canter yet. My Arab gelding Nash was great. Holding on to the mane was helpful sometimes.

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