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paintluver 09-20-2009 10:36 PM

GIMP help
Can anyone give me help with Gimp.

I just want to know how to do anything like:
  • Make vector things
  • Do the line art
  • Download brushes
  • Download text
  • Get nice backgrounds
Stuff like that. Just anything I guess.
I will post some of my pics I have made, can you also give me any critiques.
^I know, the hair is. . . Scary

ThatNinjaHorse 09-20-2009 11:41 PM

I cant see your pictures because im at school and photobucket is blocked, but to download this is how i do it. Usually i get brushes from Click download and save it as "all file types" instead of a zipped folder. Then, open and drag into your gimp brushes folder. On my computer i go to hard disk drive, program files, gimp, share, then into the gimp folder again, then brushes.

Hope that helped, i used to know how to do the same with fonts, im not exactly sure but instead of saving into the gimp folder it has to be saved into the fonts folder your computer has.. is good for stock resources

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